BITCOIN SOARING TO $6,000?!! BULLISH MOVE!! | Fidelity Investments: “Institutions Like Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: The Bitcoin price is going up, very bullish. Will BTC reach $6,000? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

0:56 Bitcoin Ontleding
8:34 Institutions
11:21 BTC Vs. Goud

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BITCOIN SOARING TO $6,000?!! BULLISH MOVE!! | Fidelity Investments: "Institutions Like Bitcoin"

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41 kommentaar

  1. I gave up trying to predict short term market swings years ago, so I mostly just buy bitcoin. This is a pretty cool day since i’m 98% Bitcoin.

  2. Don’t fall for youtubersfomo guys, careful out there. Weekly stochastic is coming down anytime now.

  3. When moon? When name change for channel to another celestial body? We go towards Mars? Or visit Venus. Bring it on Carl!

  4. price is trending up, indicator not likely to cool down in an exponential move.

  5. I’m feeling like Neil Armstrong right nowwere all gonna be richit’s Lambo timeWe’re all VIP at the FOMO party🚀🚀🚀

  6. great call in yesterdays video, we pumped exactly to the level you talked about, when we broke the resistance line 🙂

  7. Your best show so far awesome, yeah you’ve made a good point for going focused ahead about physical backing and not cash settlements, with all the traversing in finance underway. Things to me get pretty erratic or sporadic?

  8. Why doesn’t btc respect my feelings brah? When I want it to fall so I can buy some cheap, it pumps. Then when I FOMO in and want it to rise, it crashes 😂

  9. Yeah I agree. BTC could have a healthy correction which might shock a few people.

  10. Im officially in the green right now on my total investment. after the DCA i did over the past 12 maande.

    Thanks for your continuous work Carl. 👌👏

  11. It will drop down very soon , it will drop hardcore , this is the last pump to 6k then 4k will come again in 2 months of time, altcoins will boom a litle first i hope and then drop to the lowest low ever , thats when i buy enormous amounts

  12. +Remco laken any eplanation why you think that? Or just speaking hopium for your own position?

  13. oh oh wait, u first need to sell high before you can party 🙂 don’t celebrate locked profits for they’re truly the market’s profits untill you cash out 😛

  14. even tho the supply of bitcoin is limited…. there are many forks and alt coins…. so its a bit of a head scratcher

  15. Lol trading is psychological.when you feel like fomoing in it’s time to go short. When your scared to buy it’s time to go long

  16. be quit bull trap, I think he’s not going to have too much movement by June before a big drop

  17. Hallo Carl, would you consider sharing your recording, streaming and editting setup with me? I want to teach crypto in Dutch 😉 and make youtube videos.

  18. The amount of gold above ground is the biggest lie . Millions of tons hidden from the sheeple. Bigger scam than oil or diamond

  19. +RigoRocks23
    So true! I just cant to it. That became obvious a couple years ago. That’s why I switched to the buy and hold method. I had some fear back in 2018 but I couldn’t bring myself to sell so every payday during the crash I’d just buy more. Nou ja, at least my taxes are easy. I just file the EZ form. It takes 15 minutes start to finish.

  20. custody services allow institutions to not have to worry about holding on their own, by outsourcing the security of storing the digital assets they may save money, and they may also be able to insure it.

  21. +Remco laken
    I’m ok with that since I dont plan to cash in any BTC till December of 2020. I’ve also been stacking cash since we went over 4k.

  22. Because these bastards are reading youtube comments, reddit, everything. They know how the majority is thinking and they keep changing the system.

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