Bitcoin SETUP FOR -22% DUMP?! 🚨- LIVE Crypto Trading Ontleding & BTC Cryptocurrency Prys Nuus 2019

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Is the Bitcoin (BTC) price setup for a -22% dump, na my mening?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + speculative price prediction + current 2019 market news for cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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Vrywaring: Die inhoud wat in hierdie video / live stream is NIE beleggingsadvies. Ek is nie 'n finansiële adviseur. Dit is net my eie persoonlike opinies, idees, kaarte, tegniese ontleding (TA), insigte, curated news publications and price prediction(s) vir 2019 and beyond. doen altyd jou eie navorsing en belê slegs uitsluitlik op grond van jou eie bevindinge en persoonlike oordeel. Trading and/or investing in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or any other type of cryptocurrency or altcoin is extremely high risk and the market + price of any asset can crash at any time! Cryptos are incredibly volatile! You should always consult with a professional financial adviser before investing or trading any asset/commodity/etc. Hierdie video / live stream is suiwer vir vermaaklikheids doeleindes alleenlik! —

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Bitcoin SETUP FOR -22% DUMP?! 🚨- LIVE Crypto Trading Ontleding & BTC Cryptocurrency Prys Nuus 2019

28 kommentaar

  1. We will go below at least 7,000 BTC to close futures that are still open. Below that, the strongest support is 5,500 so i wouldn’t be surprised if we hit that as well.

  2. Don Carbanaccio. I think we are still in a bear market and have another shakeout to suffer after the halvening. The charts say a $1000 in late 2021. Agaiiin and agaiiiin…..every cyle is the saaaaime. Ohhhh Kirby, please say it aint so 🙁

  3. Fooking Double headed Doubled shouldered Snake from hell! Woooh ….and its going to strike!

  4. Historically Bitcoin doesn’t move up much in Summer. Summer is a great time to buy the dips and destroy this market in the immediate term like a savage. AGAAAAIN!!

  5. Giving them a little smack upside the head!” hahahahaha! Tell emCrypto Kirby!

  6. Glancing back through the chats I haven’t seen a BTC pump last more that 32 dae, down side afterwards,,, wow, an absolute dip into the crypto abyss!!…6000s the bottom .hmmm we blew right right through that range going up,,,,No reason we can’t just blow right through that goin down! I think we are going to feel our ears popping soon here on the way down!

  7. Some gaps need to walk through again: 6.2k, 4.2k. this forerun before currency devaluation is hated, all cash flow should be directed to stock markets.

  8. Looking like a bear flag: this move back up to 8130 was a dead cat at the 0.382 and now finding resistance at the trend line in this descending channel which started back on 6/2. The highest volume is bear volume and now we have the 50 MA on the 4 hour acting as tentative resistance. No deer in the headlights here. I already have my short orders formulated and my strategy calculated.

  9. What do you see? Looks a lot like a doubleé Head & Shoulders pattern if you do in fact ask me! wait for a break of the neckline below $7600 for confirmation

  10. Everybody’s calling for 6k support, so this means it won’t happen. The bounce happens either higher (6.8k-7.1k) or lower (4.2k-5.4k)

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