Bitcoin RSI To Predict Direction? | Big Money Moving In!

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Crypto News Today: Is Bitcoin Overbought, or are we going to the resistance line of the triple bottom right now? I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make my Bitcoin price prediction. I take a look at some support and resistance and the Fibonacci tool. ook, Charlie Lee tweets about Bitcoin, big money is moving in and the US had a hearing about crypto. I'll give you the key takeaways from the hearing!


0:45 Bitcoin Tegniese Analise
8:01 Up Or Down From Here?
10:06 Charlie Lee Tweet (NUUS)
12:06 Billionaire Investing 1% (NUUS)
13:50 US Hearing (NUUS)
16:55 Patreon Introduction

Charlie Lee tweet:
CNBC Billionaire:
US Hearing:
Market Emotions (PATREON ONLY):

Bitcoin RSI To Predict Direction? | Big Money Moving In!

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30 kommentaar

  1. Next target 12K dear..if we break 8k We Can Easily Pass 10k,11k,12k with little Correction

  2. OPDATEER: @ 8:01 It looks like we bounced off this line, which could indicate that there is more room for the bulls to push higher now. This lie is what I’m currently keeping an eye on!🌙🙂

  3. Thank you for the great content Carl and for keeping it free. I’ve learned so much from you and I’ve become a better trader because of your videos.

  4. Hallo Carl,do you know something about a possible death cross thats coming in the next weeks at the 8300k BTC level?Dankie,best regards.

  5. Carl we don’t mind the long videos, we love your content. 1 min. of 1 hour feels like seconds

  6. You are a true LEGEND Carl. You always kept us alive in Crypto. We’ve learned a lot of things from you. Hope you never get tired. God Bless you as always!

  7. Before the next full moon on 07.27. we will see an outbreak upwards. Hopefully we can do the ~ 8k.

  8. thing is i got a creativ job so evreyone has an opinion on it ….so i have to listen my entire day to more or less nonsenceso i love to listen to someone who knows of what he is talking about 😀 the only thing i´m really missing would be a podcast so i can listen to you while i`m drinin´in my car and dont have to listen to comercial news wivh is also a torture !

  9. I was writing a paper on Bitcoin vs. The banking system and my professor hit me with this question, I have no clue how to answer it, any ideas?:
    One counter-argument that I saw that you didn’t address is credit. It strikes me that you could not have a credit or loan system with bitcoin because it requires the person to have the bitcoin available. (To solve this problem, it strikes me, would be to tie yourself up into your original criticism of banking altogether, en, nog, you need some way of issuing credit since most economies rely heavily on credit.) Could someone please explain to me Bitcoin vs Credit?
    So if Bitcoin were to become a national currency or even overthrow the banking system, where would credit come into playsince most economies rely heavily on credit

  10. die maan: I have a question for you regarding the ETF on August 10. In die verlede, we have seenbuy the rumor and sell the newsscenarios.
    I am thinking that Bitcoin will rocket up to Aug 10, then do a short term crash. Maybe up to 12K then drop to $8K. I would like to know your prediction on this please.
    I also think that the ETF is a done deal.
    Thanks for your input. I like your channel.

  11. i wish i had enough $$ vir 1 Bitcoin… i could technically go for it but then i would have zero money left XD

  12. Plz Carl, if you see this, 10min videos or under is the best.

    But you are doing great either way.

  13. We are at the bottom, beautiful inverted crown, the reversal pattern indicates the continuation of bull run, Monthly TF .618 retracement great level!

  14. Always great information from you, It’s awesome you want to keep doing it for free! I think I speak for everyone when I say that is deeply appreciated! And the longer videos aren’t a problem for me, you always do the BTC TA first so if its a busy morning I just watch that and come back to the rest a little later. Keep up the good work man!

  15. Eric Griffin That will be solved by ethereum. Bitcoin is like gold. You could back up your fiat currency on the bitcoin.

  16. Credit systems in the bitcoin and cryptocurency world have been addressed and there are other many coins that provide this service such salt but many are far from ready as the infrastructure of the crypto world is not ready yet give it 2-5 years you will see more honest loaning credit platforms don’t use salt it’s was just a example.

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