Bitcoin Ready To Move!! | Gold Is Undervalued | Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq & Russell 2000

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: The Bitcoin price seems to be ready to start moving out of it's current zone. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. ook, I'll do some Gold technical analysis and I'll compare the Gold price with the stock market, and more specifically the Dow Jones. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

1987 Black Monday:

0:51 Bitcoin Tegniese Analise
7:03 Stock Market
12:41 Gold Analysis
21:47 Big 1-Day Drops
23:26 Bitcoin Safe Haven?

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Bitcoin Ready To Move!! | Gold Is Undervalued | Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq & Russell 2000

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27 kommentaar

  1. If stocks crash.. so does Gold price, as can be seen.
    And If ur expecting a crash.. u are also expecting gold to go down.

  2. Just make sure you keep watching the stock market because once this pull back is done and the china trade war is over we’re gonna see massive gains for a long while to come watch

  3. Thanks Carl for your view on Gold.
    To your question is Gold cheap? From March 08 till October 08 DJI, SPX, RUT, NDX all lost 37% of their value. What did Gold during that same period? It lost 37% ook. When people and governments need cash during market and currencies crashes they will sell (some of) their gold, the latest example is the devaluation of the Turkish Lira. If miners lead the way, they may tell us something since they already broke the triangle to the downside, and the recent rally due to oversold conditions before its resumes its trend. As Keynes said “Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent”, therefore yes, Gold can go cheaper, it is in a bear market after all.

  4. usually we talk about that line and call itbest fitperfect line doesn’t feel right to me. Excellent video

  5. GREAT info Carl. I appreciate all the info you you put out and look forward to listening in each day. Thank you brother

  6. Thank you for another great video Carl. I’ve actually heard you talk earlier about precious metal investments”, but how much of ones portfolio should it be? “kontant / Crypto / Silver, Goud” ratio? Maybe you might be able to share your own personal views and tips regarding this in you next video?? That would be excellent! Dankie. Kind regards.

  7. Bernadette Soler interesting thanks for sharing that

    But what happened from 2008-2010 to gold and spx?

  8. I slightly disagree with the stock market section. Ja, it is true that the Dow top stocks are the ones propelling things to higher and historical highs. Maar, the higher the stocks are, the more probable it is that the next swing will be to the downside and the bigger the crash will be. You know that the whole thing is a massive bubble, it’s a giant powder keg. so, it only needs ONE spark to trigger the bomb. You know that these things are like a chain reaction. Say that a bank implodes because of these massive QE and money printing things. These will bring the whole banking sector in the stocks down which will cause the index to fall. Fear rises and people try to cash out the profits and money before it is too late, driving the index lower and creating more fear. This will cause other sectors to collapse because of panic selling and the fear spreads to other sectors like tech. The big stocks like Apple, Google or Facebook take a nosedive and drive the whole thing down, creating MORE fear which spreads internationally if not globally and then we have the Second Great Depression or Second Great Recession. That’s exactly what happened in 2008. nou, let’s keep in mind that the newest reports from China, Europe and some other places are showing weakness and lowering growth projections. The economy is slowing down. We are in the inflection point. What do you think, Carl? Think we are on the same page?

  9. The opposite happened. As stocks went down on the 10th of October, gold went up! what are you smoking?

  10. Again you are my number one with coffee in the morning. Thank you for the inside, it’s extremely valuable for me.. Thank you again From California..

  11. Here are the patterns I see on a daily:
    XBTUSDcup and handleup breakout: 6480, price target 6800
    LTCXBTbearish rectangledown brekout: 7800, up breakout: 9750
    XRPXBTrising wedgeentry: 6800 target: 6100
    TRXXBTascending channel – af:322, up:440
    ETHUSDbearish rectangle – af: 183, up:230

  12. Fantastiese video soos gewoonlik. Could you possibly make a video explaining how to invest in gold/silver in the future?

  13. Fidelity, Bakkt, ErisX coming…..then next round of Litecoin and Bitcoin mining reward halvings in 2019!
    More consolidation then we go up!

    Interesting views re Gold and Silver! Dankie!

  14. Hey Buddy, awesome info like always. I have been watching your vids since you started your channel. Great job bro! There is alot of value learning from your technical analysis I really apprechiated. I want to invest in gold and silver. What trade exchange do you buy your gold and silver from??

  15. Good question because these professional financial advisors (which all youtubers claim they are not) will tell you not to put more then about 10% in gold, and like 1% or nothing in crypto. So where do you put the rest? voorrade, effekte, usd, all of which are going to crash supposedly. So who knows what the hell to do?

  16. Carl, when you say buy gold. Is there any reason you prefer gold over silver? The G/S ratio seems in favor of silver atm. Curious why you specify to gold.

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