Bitcoin PRICE UPDATE!! | Bitfinex Involved In DRUG TRAFFICKING Via Shell CompanyCrypto Capital”?

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Is Bitfinex using Tether to cover up the fact that they are using shell companies for drug trafficking? Bitfinex and Tether are very shady, and the story continues. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

0:51 Bitcoin Ontleding
6:07 Gab Forking Brave
8:24 E-Trade
9:08 Bitfinex

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Bitfinex Covered $850 Million Loss Using Tether Funds, NY Prosecutors Allege

Bitfinex is Mixed Up with Colombian Cocaine, Polish Media Reports

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Bitcoin PRICE UPDATE!! | Bitfinex Involved In DRUG TRAFFICKING Via Shell Company "Crypto Capital"?

35 kommentaar

  1. I left Bitfinex in Dec 2018, mainly because of their USA client compliance issues. I did like their interface though

  2. yes but teather is backed up by the illegal drug cartels..nothing more profitable than thatask the CIA or CENTRAL BANKS..thats how they make money.

  3. Even if Tether’s bank balance = issued tokens, it would still not bebackedas cryptonians require itdue to the fractional reserve banking system. No bank will hold those USDs in a vault on a 1:1 basis. Moral of the story is to use any fiat (of “stablecoin) sparingly and only when absolutely required.

  4. For messages from Poland, I would be careful. It remembers the Polish Central Bank, which has paid youtube influencer for negative cryptocurrency information

  5. On my chart both the 21 & 20 day has not closed below. Trading view.

  6. And if you think that sounds interesting then you should definitely hshsjdkskdlsnsjakkalajsh

  7. no wonder so many people use tether.. its drugs money.. made people high and people love to get high…… lol……

  8. Looks like a good catalysts for a down trend. I’m in a short posistion because of the technicals but this nails it.

  9. Upssi if brave wanted free developers. I am sure I lost revenue due to brave’s blocking my video adds. So f brave

  10. The Colombian cartel now accepting btc for coke……sweeeeeeeeet. Thats adoption right there 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Carl, took at what happened do BTC last time Tether shaked (24sept-5dec). Maybe ifinex had to sell BTC to stabilize its coin?

  12. This is all like before last bullrun. Fud. Last time it was all about china banning everything. They need a new bogeyman now.

  13. Roberto Valente see those are smart investors actually they never fail to see opportunities to make more money and sell their product faster! Hahah

  14. I think all Tether exchanges are at risk of collapsing when Tether goes bust. I would recommend everyone to remove their coins off Tether exchanges and into private wallets

  15. A good deal of unsubstantiated speculations in that video. Polish gov might be just grabbing at easy money

  16. +jazzy orange Now check KrownKarl doesn’t have to be slowed down to 0.75 to make sense with the picture.

  17. The tether issue is all about New York wanting to know the identity of whales so they can shake them down. That government is more corrupt than any cartel.

  18. Mexican cartel owns an Army and they move billions of dollars every year, that would be real adoption.

  19. The polish Bitfinex news are from AUGUST 2018!!!, nothing to do with the current situation.

  20. ok funny… +Tomasz K he is goodhow do you slow them downis there a DUB Button? somewhere here?

  21. +jazzy orange You have speed settings there, where quality settings are. It says: “Speed: Normal”. 😉

  22. 19:20 this is so not true, if I convert a coin to a BTC and the next day it’s 30% down then I lost 30%, stable-coins have volatility of 1%-3% they never lose even 10% so that is not a good advice at all man

  23. Please don’t support this kind of adoption, cryptospace don’t need this kind of liquidity , long term never pay, before anything the legal way even if will take a little longer don’t fall on everything shining.

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