Bitcoin val terug weer af?! Neem Wins OP BYBIT NOU!!! lomp divergensie…!

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: I'll tell you what I'm doing on Bybit right now. Because on Bybit exchange I traded Bitcoin yesterday, and my Bybit position is now in profit. ook, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

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► Bybit-tutoriaal: = 4dnIDz1NLuw
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VRYWARING: Hefboomhandel cryptocurrencies is BAIE riskant, en rondom 90% van alle handelaars verloor waarskynlik geld. Maak seker dat u hierdie risiko's verstaan ​​as u 'n beginner is. Ek beveel slegs crypto-handel aan reeds ervare handelaars aan.

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Carl Eric Martin

Bitcoin val terug weer af?! Neem Wins OP BYBIT NOU!!! lomp divergensie…!

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36 kommentaar

  1. Gained a lot more respect for you Carl, this is how you provide substantial value for your audience

  2. Thanks Carl went 25x @ 7900 as per yesterdays call and took profits at 8250. I was seeing the force but I needed some confirmation of my thoughts and thanks to you I went for it. Thank you so much Carl..

  3. Great sharing !! Wonderful profits to all who hit it off !!
    CARL …. when to ENTER next ?? 🙂
    is it BEARISH from now ?

  4. I use cross-margin, and I got in around 7850 with a limit order. That’s how the unrealised PNL was 500%.
    persoonlik, I’m looking to build a long term hodl position assuming 7700 was the low. But I’ll probably hedge a bit at 8.5k

  5. Longest pre-intro I have seen so far on your channel 😂
    Btw made 155% profit aswell but because of my own PA xD

  6. How do US residents access Bybit? It’s says “you are from a restricted country cannot access”.

  7. Carl, I listen to you and watch your new videos every morning after my journaling session. I start my crypto trading session and learning session with your videos. Love it, dankie! And I would still like to ask if you would consider showing TA on other 3 coins which are on Bybit?

  8. Awsome spotting of that Divergence man. Many people missed it. We do a live stream at 9 pm central we talked about that divergence during yesterday’s stream, you are welcome to join us in case you wat to catch a night recap of the news and markets.

  9. @Dennis Lovelace you can use a vpn but run the risk of your account being seized for breaking terms & conditions

  10. @The State Of Crypto XRP particularly. Slowly learning TA myself, and XRP is also the one I am in for a long term and also trading through bybit.

  11. Carl.. would love to see more vids on your trades like this, you’re bound to get a LOT more subs & Bybit signups !! And how about live trades?

  12. @Chris Kala also on our youtube channel we do livestreams, we cover ripple daily as well as other cryptos news and TA in case you are interested.

  13. You sir gained more respect from me, I was suspicious when you were only one bullish and then the pump happend, good job sir!

  14. Hallo Carl, what are your thoughts that we are forming a decending triangle on the four hourly?

  15. You saidfireworksand the fireworks happenedGO Carl keep this level!!! Thx for share!

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