Bitcoin Bull Flag?! Altcoin Boom?! | Bitcoin Dominance & The NextHype Cycle” | Fake Elon Musk

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Is the Bitcoin dominance going to go down, and leave room for an altcoin boom? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

Binance: = 11069112

0:54 Bitcoin Tegniese Analise
5:37 Altcoins
22:43 Fake Elon Musk

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Bitcoin Bull Flag?! Altcoin Boom?! | Bitcoin Dominance & The Next "Hype Cycle" | Fake Elon Musk

30 kommentaar

  1. Thanks for highlighting crypto CURRENCY because some media are deliberately trying to rename it in ASSET.

  2. How can btc be decentralized store of value when China controls 80% of the btc network? I never get a good answer for this question

  3. And XRP isn’t ready? It’s scalability is so much stronger than BTC and it’s more ready. Love your videos but stop hating on XRP lol

  4. Go for Digitex Futures altcoinThe up coming competitor of Bitmex Futures exchangeGrowth potential of 10-100X with in next 6 maande.

  5. Bitcoin for 30 jaar? Sounds like Bill Gates’ “the world will never need more than 640kB of memory”!?

  6. Love your channel but I think XRP will beat bitcoin in 2019.

    No bias, but one main reason that bitcoin is still dominate the market is because it’s main trading-pair since the beginning of the market, but when XRP can separate itself apart from BTC, things will change.

  7. I really like your channel.
    I think you’re spot on, even if we do go down again, we will not see low numbers like this in the future

  8. It’s not ideal but it’s also not the end of the world. If push came to shove I think it would be pretty easy to just fork them out. Not only that but you sayChina owns,” but they’re hardly a single autonomous entity. They’d all have to coordinate together which is easier said than done.

  9. Although I agree it has its merit.

    The reason why I dont trust xrp.

    I because the company owns 51% of it.
    Although its understandable since it is a company.

    Hence much more easily to transact with fellow businesses.

    If only there was an xrp that is Accepted by almost everyone that is controlled by everyone.

  10. Have you actually done any research on XRP and ripple?

    I usually like your videos but I was very disappointed in your presentation today.

    Even with the 15% gain staring you right in the face you blatantly skip past it.

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