Bitcoin (BTC) Must NOT Fall Below THIS Line?! – Crypto Market Trading Ontleding & Cryptocurrency Nuus

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Why I believe Bitcoin (BTC) must not fall below this line! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on cryptos in today's video!

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Vrywaring: Die inhoud wat in hierdie video / live stream is NIE beleggingsadvies. Ek is nie 'n finansiële adviseur. Dit is net my eie persoonlike opinies, idees, kaarte, tegniese ontleding (TA), insigte, nuus en prys voorspellings. doen altyd jou eie navorsing en belê slegs uitsluitlik op grond van jou eie bevindinge en persoonlike oordeel. Trading and/or investing in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or any other type of cryptocurrency or altcoin is extremely high risk and the market can crash at any time! Cryptos are incredibly volatile! Hierdie video / live stream is suiwer vir vermaaklikheids doeleindes alleenlik!

Bitcoin (BTC) Must NOT Fall Below THIS Line?! – Crypto Market Trading Ontleding & Cryptocurrency Nuus

29 kommentaar

  1. Hey Kirbs, thank you for the great content. Was wondering if you could do an in depth video about the last bear market compared to this one. Byvoorbeeld, in the last bear market, the lowest bitcoin dropped was approx 86% from the peak at the high, we are nearly there (86% dip) in this bear run. Do you think it will go even lower than that and why? Dankie!

  2. Get wrecked Kirby! James and his crypto monkeys say we’re goin to the moon! Another round of grandmas cookies and a bottle of YoHo-Ho!

  3. Dankie! A number of us asked about the 200 WK last night and other times and you delivered. Youre the man, Kirb.

    Stay up!

  4. hey Kirby . I know i’m new. There’s no hiding that. Very proud to be new. Not proud to not know how to do shorts. How do you short? where do you short from? Who do you go to do shorts? A little more education on shorts. Great video today. Love the educational part. Hou die groot werk.

  5. Hey kirb, James at the water cooler told me we are meeting up at the coffee machine from now on. The water cooler is off limits with too much liability.

  6. Kirby, you called it! You called it all year long. I doubted you so many times, you proved yourself and would have made us all millionaires if we only would have listened….

  7. Thank you Kirby (aka “The Candle”), for sharing your TA, insigte, and grandma’s cookies, with us. I appreciate it.

  8. Crypto Kirby Trading werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre going to the mohoooooooooooon lalies and genulmen is ya boiiiiii JAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYMES AT THE WATERCOOLER!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Too late to short now. IMHO, it is better to cost average buy the bottom for the long term. And save some of your bankroll for swinging on the way to the moon. Lettuce get this crypto now to be part of this freedom movement.

  10. dont FOMO in on the shorts, you can end up exactly like moonbois buying at 15-20k but in reverse 🙂 im not saying dont short it, but be extra careful, DONT GO ALL IN, practise good bankroll management from the start 🙂 Good luck bois and lets get this crypto 🙂 crazy times ahead

  11. I heard the Moonbois: DONT BUILD THE WALL KIRBY, DONT BUILD THE WAAAAALLL!!! Pappa needs a new pair of shoes, lets get this unemployment down,

  12. +Victor K. Toh I’ve added to my short positions this morning on ETH and ETC. Not too late in my opinion, i.e. I don’t think we’ve seen the bottom yet. Die tyd sal leer.

  13. +Henry Roberts Thanks Henry, correction … Presuming cryptocurrencies will continue to have value and build up utility and awareness, it is too late to LEARN how to short and maintain financial safety. A safer beginner strategy is to buy low and go long.

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