Bitcoin Breakout Through This Line?! | Bitcoin vs. Central Banks [Bitcoin Vandag]

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Bitcoin Ontleding & Bitcoin, Crypto News Today: I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I also make some Ethereum technical analysis on the Ethereum price. Verder, in this video, I'll talk about the money 20/20 event in Amsterdam, where central banksters have been talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. What did they say? Watch the video to find out!

1:00 Bitcoin Tegniese Analise
9:58 Ethereum Tegniese Analise
12:39 Crypto Nuus (Central Banks vs. Bitcoin)

20/20 gebeurtenis:
Cointelegraph Central Banks:

Bitcoin Breakout Through This Line?! | Bitcoin vs. Central Banks [Bitcoin Vandag]

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  1. 1:00 *Bitcoin* Technical Analysis
    9:58 *Ethereum* Technical Analysis
    12:39 Crypto *News* (Central Banks vs. Bitcoin)

  2. When you reach 10k subs, to celebrate you can reach for a guitar and crack out a song!

  3. I’m loving the news that you have been adding to your vids. I love all the explanations and theory you go over.

  4. Ja, the news is a very welcome addition. Carl’s perspective on the world, and especially the banks, is always an entertaining listen!

  5. I hope I live to see the day when this banking house of cards collapses. The sooner the better!

  6. 2000jagoI hope it comes soon so it can get past us and then we can get on the road to rebuilding and living without fear of collapse.

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  8. I advise all to buy Telegram tokens A that they will snatch them up and the price will rise)

  9. Odyssey are fine fellows. They weren’t greedy and arranged a generous airdrop

  10. You are unique carlCuz you are honest !! Keep it up broWe all going to the moon if we are honest.

  11. I love this channel and I daily visit it to get the newest chart analysis and explanations. You’re doing a great job and your videos are a part of my daily lifevery good job, Carl!

  12. Good morning Carl! Thank you for another great video. At the end of June do you expect a major dip in price of eth, With tronix leaving the platform?

  13. I like everything you do Carl. You have opened my eyes to fractional-reserve banking. I also love it when you give us an update on the Dow Jones and its impending correction. How do you like Metaverse ETP?

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