BITCOIN BREAKOUT IMMINENT!!! Descending Triangle?? | Tether Manipulation?

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

BITCOIN BREAKOUT IMMINENT!!! Descending Triangle?? | Tether Manipulation?

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  1. Tether USDT the company is not manipulation the price however certain entities could be manipulating the price with stable coins and BTC.

  2. Exactly! Tether is a stable coin thats always meant to equal $1 USD per 1 Tether. So if more people want tether they have to make more since they cant raise the price… people just need an excuse for times like this but its only natural to see downside after you shoot 300%+ upwards for half a year. Im sure no one will be talking about “tether manipulation” in the next parabolic run.

  3. …i think btc would behave the same with any “stable” coin…tether is just the most popular right now… unless tether backs itself with something besides the dollar I don’t feel it’s going to stay as popular as it is… Carl, what stable coins backed by gold in your opinion are the best?

  4. Interesting that gold has been consolidating similarly to BTC, while S&P and other markets making all time highs. Their ATHs are due to fiat printing by central banks, and are significantly overbought with declining volume, against low GDP and wage growths and rock bottom interest rates. I’d say a massive correction (at minimum) in those markets will be just around the corner, and will trigger huge bull moves for BTC, alts and precious metals.
    Be patient, but be prepared!!!

  5. Could you make a video that explains the “rules” of Bybit? Like how long an order can stay in place, is there a fee for any given time segment of the order in place and such. I do appreciate the first and have opened an account from your length and do understand the mechanics of it, just no the rules.

  6. Tether isnt manipulating. If demand of btc rises, more people will buy btc with tether and thats why tether gets printed.

  7. “Be patient, but be prepared!!!” – is there a Chinese currency that acts like a Crypto currency but is backed by gold? Is it stable enough for purchase?

  8. You donโ€™t know if thatโ€™s true or no, thatโ€™s speculation. What is not speculation but is fact is that when Tether supply increases, so does BTCโ€™s price

  9. Crypt fear index would explain why im so angry with this market – like having a period, not that im a woman i live with one and its hell during period time . anyway back to ripping everyone to pieces as i am angry with this market, Crypto you are all being conned Blockchian will only work for the finacial markets ie immutable records of shares transfer property transfers etc etc etc other than its a glorifide spreadsheet/datebase , not chance of it being a MAIN stream currency banks/ governments will fight with nukes ie futures to stop another currency that threatens their 1000 year incestual royal family history . the people dont have the numbers to turn this into a currency because its toooooo bloodby complicated to get onboard – i said 2 years ago when my gran can use then its main stream … not saying alternate currencies willl evoilve but it will take years so when a 20 year old now are 50 then it will be main stream,,,, banks will own most of it and it will an illusion that you are fighting the system .. so whats the point ……

  10. You always say we can trade when we hit the price of bla bla but we are never coming there, you should make some kind of Chanel or chat only for long/short signals.

  11. Some of you are so naive. You truly believe what you read, you donโ€™t think for yourself and canโ€™t see the agenda behind the obvious print.

  12. Carl has been on point the last few videos, talking about longs, tether and debt ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    I am about to subscribe all over again ๐Ÿ˜

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