BITCOIN BREAKOUT?! | CCN News Site SHUTTING DOWN!! Crypto Crackdown?

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: The CCN crypto news website is shutting down due to the Google June core update, which hurt the search rankings for CCN. ook, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

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BITCOIN BREAKOUT?! | CCN News Site SHUTTING DOWN!! Crypto Crackdown?

34 kommentaar

  1. Hey Carl….. Thank you for the update….. Any chance you could give us a fun clip with some of the guys on the cruise?

  2. When I ask my Alexa about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency she doesn’t know a thing. Bizarre

  3. Mirror, Sun and HuffPo are neoliberal globalist propaganda Fake News outlets; of course they got the Google core bump!

  4. CCN loses 70% of their traffic for seven days and they are ready to quit? I’m not believing it something else was going on there

  5. Because of course Alexa is programmed by ultra-leftwing ideologues who their role not to inform you but to monitor and control you.

  6. bad enough you got a spy inside your house. put alexa into trashcan and gi buy some bitcoin

  7. How do you get the average line in your volume metric. I can’t seem to find it on trading view. Dankie.

  8. Cmon CarlYou messed up the catch phrase. You got to say it again, it didn’t sound right 😂😂😂

  9. @Pacheco Fred I contacted him on instagram directly with ivanmenshikov7crypt60 and I am making so much wins now…!!!

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