Bitcoin BIG Move Coming Soon? | Bank Run Vs. Fractional Reserve Banking!

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: I'll talk about the yellow vest movement and the French bank run coming up. ook, is a big Bitcoin price move incoming? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

1:10 Bitcoin Ontleding
6:49 Crypto ATM's
7:31 Hal Finney
9:02 Bank Run
11:11 Fractional Reserve Banking

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Bitcoin BIG Move Coming Soon? | Bank Run Vs. Fractional Reserve Banking!

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50 kommentaar

  1. I wish you would do 2 videos a day 1 in the morning one in the veining waiting for the next 1 is to long LOL best TA on youtube by a country mile.

  2. Divide and conquer” – the old maxim, so true in today’s world. Create political parties that pretend to compete, watch people arguing and jumping to each other’s throats. Being busy with unimportant. While the real power lies elsewherewithin the banking system. The system which creates inflation to transfer all the wealth to the rich. Savings of our grandparents are degraded a few times over before they are transferred to us. This severely gimps the ability to accumulate wealth by regular people, resulting in a decline of middle-class. I recommend everyone to read 1984 by Orwell or to read it once more. He predicted all this and described what people in power can do to keep their power: destroy the middle-class and make the poor even poorer. So no one can challenge their position. It’s time for people to realize we are living in anti-utopia. Wake up.

  3. Millions of people make withdrawals during a natural bank run. I suspect only thousands might withdraw during a protest bank run. Might not be enough.

  4. I don’t see how because how do you cash your pay check? Maybe in one of those check cashing places for a fee. Well, if you had a savings account and the amount of the check is covered, it costs you nothing. It is beside the point that your savings account has only a measly interest rate. Banks are convenient place.

  5. that won’t happen. Believe me I’m in France right now. The goal is not to wish for the french people to put all their saving in btc so that your hodl portfolio goes up. What is exciting right now is the potentiel use case of btc. Stop always thinking about bullishness when usecase and adoption is what is REALLY important.

  6. I really enjoyed your videos in the past but I don’t understand why you support that stupid yellow vest movement. It seems like you have never thought of the consequences if a bank goes down like lehman brothers in 2008.

    A bankrupt bank today would initiate a crisis which would be worse than 2008. It’s completely insane to think we should withdraw our money and put into crypto or store it at home.
    If a bank goes down nowadays everyone would be affected negatively except the big players. If the economy struggles the small people lose their jobs, the system won’t change tho! Besides that about 95% of the money stored at the bank belongs to the rich and they will never withdraw as they don’t have any interests in a collapse so a collapse because of a bank rum is highly unlikely . Get it out of your head, the crisis will come sooner or later, but to think this will solve our problems with the system is insane. This is way bigger, millions of people will lose everything they have in a collapse just to satisfy some stupid extremists of the left wing. This is not the moon I want to go to.

  7. Nice informative videos, I keep watching your videos. You said at the end that you would want to see a worldwide bank run and do away with the banks.

    What do you suggest to put in place instead? How do employees get paid for their services? How do you pay doctors and lawyers for their services? How do you pay taxes for the general benefits like highways ?

    That would make for a brand new videoWhat if?” and take a poll of the answers in the comments that could be generated.

  8. Pretty much agreed, many somehow belive that they will hurt the elite and not the small guy because he doesn’t have much money in the bank. That is crazy. The big guys are well hedged for any event. The small guy could get screwed although I belive in case of a bank run the bank would run out off cash short term(cause they don’t hold much cash) but that would never bring it down, they can(many already have) limits and few days notice before big withdraws. Feels like this was popularized by crypto people out of disperation I assume.

  9. Listen carefully.

    Arrest the bankers and solve 90% of the worlds problems INSTANTLY.

  10. The reason people reference dollars is because currently it’s the primary global reserve currency but that’s not going to continue forever and when that switch happens will it be the Yuan or the Yen or Rubble or better would be an independent currency that all these local currencies could reference against. If the government of a country is not capable of managing a local currency then people can use Bitcoin directly using a second layer solution for payment.

  11. Indeed. I know people with some decent savings and I try to tell them that each passing year their money loses its value and they should invest it, if not crypto, to something at least. The fear of losing it tells them not to even by saving it’s guaranteed they will lose.

  12. Crypto, it would be faster and better in every way. People need to learn to take care of their own money. Banks clearly aren’t doing it for you! The exact idea is to get rid of banks.

  13. +wzrubicon Someone here really hates crypto. What are you doing here anyway? Bought BTC 19k? I understand. Just hold is my advice.

  14. We need stablecoins that we can store on a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S. I think Ledger is already working on storing USDT and other stablecoins.

  15. Marty toohyDon’t forget banking crises like Iceland 2008, Ciprus 2013 and many moremay wake up and nothing in the bank!

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