Bitcoin $16,000 BREEK UIT!!! | FED COIN Announced | Stocks DOWN Bitcoin UP!!

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: A Bitcoin bullish breakout today! The Bitcoin price is going up while the stock market is going down. ook, the Federal Reserve is launching "Fed Coin" called FedNow. ook, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

0:47 Bitcoin
6:40 BitMEX & Bybit
8:11 Stocks Vs. BTC
11:07 FIAT Is Dying
13:26 FedNow

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Bitcoin Casually Mentioned as a Safe Haven on Bloombergs The OpenAugust 5th 2019

One Satoshi Is Now Worth More Than 7 National Currencies

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Bitcoin $16,000 BREEK UIT!!! | FED COIN Announced | Stocks DOWN Bitcoin UP!!

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40 kommentaar

  1. defeat your enemies with success = Bitcoin <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 WE MADE IT ! WE MADE IT THE MOON !!!! <3

  2. If they print more money or lower the interest ratethe stocks could go up againthe question is for how long!

  3. It’s not a digital currency, it’s a payment network for fiat. It’s called FedNow.

    Rollout not expected until 2024.

  4. Youtuber that goes byOPTICALARTdotCOM in his video yesterday said bitcoin would hit around 12200 or so and then have a dramatic drop…….by 5:37 am Tuesday bitcoin is at 12,211

  5. congrats Carl, crystal clear as always, I will see trading view tutorial, as I have did with bybit. Many thanks for your work and your sharing.

  6. I’ve got the full bonus now, thanks for making that possible, not sure if i’m gonna trade with leverage tho

  7. I think that the next high of crypto will be in sync with the low of the stock market, so might be a good time in 2021 sometime to cash out cryptos and invest in stocks.

  8. As a trader it’s a great time to be in traditional stocks. Traders only care about volatility regardless of direction

  9. im in this space for 8 years and realized that its hard to hodl. if you buy BTC at 3 $ and then the moon is 25$ so you sell and then it goes to 100$. The you buy for 200$ but moon is 2500$ and you sell again and it goes to 10k. i bought again for 4k and never selling ( my moon is 1 milion)

  10. I did not buy any bitcoin at $9000 after wathcing your video coz you gave the impression that it will fill up the CME gaps of 7200 en 8500 but it never went to that level and i missed the rally.

  11. In die verlede, the banks were able to make money off of the 3-day float (ex: when cashing checks). If they put this in place, that won’t happen anymore

  12. @bruna trindade
    Geen, You can never withdraw it.
    You even lose it if u make any withdraw!
    So you never own it.
    Terrible scam.
    The moon should not promote crap Bybit!!!

  13. Not happy with Bybit scamsign up bonus”.
    Your link is not $100
    Also you NEVER own the bonus.
    I love your vids but NOT happy with your Bybit PAID SHILS!!!

  14. I sold 3 when we hit 5k earlier this year. Biggest mistake i ever made! nou ja, there’s more to life 😊

  15. @Berend This is the hypocrisy of the (vals) libertarian right. Who like to ignore the fact that, if we follow their line of thinking, wealth/power/authority will concentrate. And with that concentration comes exponential potential to accumulate even more. The wealthy will get even wealthier. More so even, than what we have today. so, while they try to sell us on this as freedom and libertyno regulation, actual free markets, yadda yaddathey always refuse to think through the logic. What they are advocating for is unheard of levels of concentrated of power.

    Real libertarians (on the left), recognize this and that’s why there’s no ideological bent against rules or order. Simply a philosophy that all power/authority, must justify itself. If it cannot, if there is no justification for the rule, for the authority, then it must be taken out. But if the rule can be justified, really justified, then it’s all good.

    I’m not so sure you’re correct that bitcoin couldn’t solve this issue of concentrating power, and exponential concentration, because the decentralized nature means democracy plays a huge role. Perhaps even a bigger role that it’s ever played in society through politics (because it’s usually fake, marginalized, symbolic, ens). Also not sure if you’re incorrect. As we see whales and institutions jumping in to hedge, gamble, belê, there’s no guarantee that bitcoin, crypto or digital currency won’t be hijacked in some way or another.

    It’s like a computer. The tech itself, the invention, the concept, is benign. Can be used for good or bad. Or both. There was a time where no one even imagined you could regulate the internet. We’re watching it happen, blatantly, right in front of us now. I’m still in thewho knows how it’ll turn outcamp. I think blockchain is passed that. It’s going to revolutionize a bunch of industries, how we do stuff, what we can encrypt, ens, but as a currency? Not sure, either way. Do know 1 thing though, if you can learn to trade it in the meantime, you can earn some loot . haha

  16. 5:00 First move on chart shows bear flag, BTC breaks to upside.
    Second move on chart shows bear flag, BTC breaks to upside
    Third move (current) on chart showsbull flagCarl says looks to break to upside
    So much for consistency in TA !

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