Bitcoin $14,000 BREAKOUT COMING?!!! | Altcoin Season?

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Bitcoin Nuus Vandag: Is there an altcoin season coming? Maybe an altcoin boom is overdue? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kyk na die video om meer te leer!

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Carl Eric Martin (die maan)

Bitcoin $14,000 BREAKOUT COMING?!!! | Altcoin Season?

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24 kommentaar

  1. Hallo Carl….. thanks for heads up,.. In previous FALLING WEDGE, die 200 EMA, was no where near the Wedge …. how do u explain tht ?

  2. funny how you only show the 2 answers on your twitter who agree with you on that tweet, and not all the others who disagree with you, lol.

  3. I will take this question, because the 200 EMA is rarely the most important set. 6th or 7th set on the list during this time frame and if individuals are only using the sma and ema mathematical formulations. Its riding ontop of a moving average much more significant and also being gently pushed sideways by something as well. Die 200 ema isnt insignificant but since 99% of TA is done with just the closing price there has always been a misinterpretation of the data which has created this misnomer. Since the 12 has been publicized by other projects in the past I will also reiterate the 12 set is precisely what is suppressing the price from the top right now with other specific ones behind it prepared to do the same.

  4. Remember the time traveler said by 16th of October 2019 BTC should be at $16k….this will show if this is a hoax or not.

  5. *Carl, I’ve been watching you for almost 2yrs nowyou’re always my 1st Channel to watch w/ my coffee because…….* A) die % of your Price calls are consistently the closest to the Mark (95% of the time). B) Your integrity helps me still believe in humanityie you were (moontlik???) born into a family with a little bit of wealth & their connections, and you’ve chosen generosity (ieI don’t take Donationsspend that money on yourself”). Carl that says EVERYTHING about the man you chosen to be. You could have chosen to be an idiot or irresponsible (George SorrosSon or a Paris Hilton). 90% of the population is squeezing the most $$$$ they can irregardless of their privilege or how much wealth they’ve amassed. C) You’re spending your time/talent/knowledge and do not expect or want anything in return. AND……….. NOW you are giving us an incite on the trades you are placing (I’d have a better chance of attaining a profit vs a trade I’d place on my own with my limited skills/knowledge). SJOE, THAT IS A HUGE DEAL, especially for us Newbies who slaughtered our entire Portfolio in a Blood Bath in 2018. LASTLY, I really respect that you consistently advocate trading CONSERVATIVELY & safely. Old money issssssss Old Money because these families chose to invest conservatively and wisely. For some of us (my personality) it’s hard to put myself on a leash even when I know the odds/risk I’m choosing is highly unwise (= irresponsible). I just wanted you to know you are a very unique/special and RARE man. Congrats on choosing to be the man you are. DANKIE CARL!!!!!!!! (Ann from Denver, VSA)

  6. That is BSthe same poster already have changed his predictions to 5400 – so don’t believe anyone before you do your own research and I did minewhat’s about you man 🙂

  7. Carl, I’d like to register on Bybit using your referral link, but i live in the US and bybit says if they notice someone sign up in the US using a vpn then they can liquidate all positions without notice and close the account. How do I trade the breakouts you call if I cant use this?

  8. Great one again. Ek weet, it wasn’t one of your usual trade signals, but I’ve opened a long position at 8176, which was somewhere you planned to open one as well. Today I’m 30% up in profits, thx.

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