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  1. BitMex . . . Oops.
    (Decentralized Centralized)
    Hackers . . . can find out a dirty little secret (that Amazon Plush, Man-Panty Order.

  2. Bitmex was clearly incompetent and you want people to sign up for a new account? No thanks.

    I get it, get your referrals out there but at least instruct people more throughly on how they can protect themselves as this is a good learning opportunity.

  3. @albie baggins

    I moved to forex from crypto tbh. I don’t know any regulated crypto brokers where you will recieve some form of compensation if they go bust. Some forex brokers have separate isolated investor funds up to 50k (known as segregated accounts). Here in the UK I’m covered upto 50k by the FCA If a broker like ‘Oandawent bust. You can do well trading forex, commodities with a decent account. I’m not into get rich quick any more.

  4. Interface is quite similar. What I like, is that, there’s not a cross margin or at least the Auto Margin Replenishment is not defautly enabled. On Bitmex I was afraid, that one day I might accidentally open a cross position. Also the order book is not that full, so it prevents from slippages.

  5. @lumberjack1100 He is looking at charts / timeframes that hold no significants. Don’t worry 😛

  6. hmmm i’ve seen to many exchanges fail. Bybit will follow eventually. I’ve been goxed by GOX, BTC-E and WEX….. no exchanges for me anymore..

  7. Carl you’re awesome man but why the hell would you want to sign up for a new Bitmex account? I say get the hell away from them! xD

  8. @Halt Stop! clearly just trying to scare people into creating new accounts using his referral linkscheap move.

  9. ​@lumberjack1100 Rastani talked about it on his video. Also Known said gaps don’t have to fill immediately at all but crypto youtubers love talking about it. I think like everything else it’s good to at least know all the information and take that into account when looking at the chart before placing a trade.

  10. Still waiting with Limit order that I missed by less than $20USD! Still convinced by Sunday PM (EST) we will fill Gap and off to 11.6 by Monday PM! —–mikeD

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  12. if i have two factor authenticator and different passwords for differente sites, would you recommend me to delete it?

  13. Hoping i can build my portfolio with his help. Tried a few signal providers in the past but with poor results

  14. Knowing this guy personally, i can confidently say his patterns are just amazing. Always a good source of assistance

  15. Somehow, i find this a source of optimism for me. I haven’t tried trading his signals but my colleagues have talked a lot about him and i think it would be worth giving it a shot

  16. Mr sebastian is fun to work with and his patience even makes it easier. I have learnt a lot working with him

  17. Need help!!! I have a nano leger s. My computer says it doesn’t recognize the usb. I can sometimes get it to connect but it quickly loses connection. How can I get all my crypto to a new device or what can I do. Help plz.

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