Bart Simpson Pattern? | Deutsche Bank Collapse, MASSIVE Financial Threat [Bitcoin Vandag]

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Bitcoin Tegniese Analise & Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price is forming the Bart Simpson pattern. What does this mean? I use technical analysis to make my Bitcoin price prediction for today. ook, Lightning network is showing progress. But more importantly, is Deutsche Bank showing signs of collapse? They are clearly insolvent, but how big of a threat is DB to the banking system? The financial collapse is coming, so to learn more, watch this video!

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0:52 Bitcoin Tegniese Analise
6:30 weerlig Network
8:47 Deutsche Bank Crisis

Lightning Spin:
Lightning Twitter:
Lightning progress:
Deutsche Bank Stress Test:
Banks insolvency:
Federal Reserve of St.Louis article:

Bart Simpson Pattern? | Deutsche Bank Collapse, MASSIVE Financial Threat [Bitcoin Vandag]

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  1. Discord Permanent Invite:
    I have created a Discord server for you guys! BUT, I’m a newbie to Discord, so if you are one of those who are very familiar with Discord, please head over to the server and leave me your feedback and input on what I should to to the server. What topics should be there, and what can I do to improve the server over all? Please come on over and leave me your feedback:

  2. then I think you should definitely keep watching this video”… in heaven 🙂

  3. If the global financial system finally crashes, a massive bull run is just around the corner 😏

  4. XRP Is still faster and cheaper then lightning networklightning network also has a 99% failure rate on large transactions

  5. BART Simpson pattern, nah. 21 EMA has been nothing but support and resistance well, forever.

  6. I don’t think it’s about bulls vs bears. It’s a bunch of bots that are acting on buy/sell parameters. The same players that are causing huge spikes are the ones causing huge dips.

  7. @Syndicator Too expensive to use? lol, you’re definitely one of the most uninformed people I’ve encountered in a while. It literally costs fractions of a cent to send millions worth of XRP. The Token is not being used? Verkeerde. Many banks are trialing it and have said it saves them tons of money. One reason it’s not being used that much yet is because xRapid, the Ripple tech that uses XRP, hasn’t been released yet. It will be released to the market in a few months though. For all the people thinking that XRP is centralized, i’m sorry to break it to you, but so is Bitcoin. 4 miners in China control 50% of the hashing power, which not only makes Bitcoin centralized, but also vulnerable to a 51% aanval. For the people saying that Ripple holds most of the XRP, you’d be correct, but they can’t dump it on the market. They have it locked in escrow and have made contracts that release 1 billion XRP per month, if these 1B XRP don’t get sold, they go back into escrow.

    Have a good day.

  8. Hi carl,in early video’s you said you have no fiat in bankaccount,you only have BTC and gold-zilver metals,is this correct?So how you pay your food and other things you by??

  9. Too bad you can’t mine XRP and it’s just a digital version of fiat. Proof of work coins have the most secure cryptography, like BTC and ETH.

  10. @the nforcer BTC is definitely not as secure as you may think. Considering that 4 mining pools in China control a whopping 50% hash power. Considering this, 'n 51% attack is definitely not far fetched.

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