Winding Tree / Lif ICODecentralized Travel Distribution

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The team at Winding Tree are creating a network to aid in the decentralized distribution of travel products and are using the power of blockchain technology to reduce fees and increase efficiency.
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Winding Tree / Lif ICODecentralized Travel Distribution

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Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

33 kommentaar

  1. hey lark icos are getting crazy even if you get on the whitelist you might miss out
    cargo x ico sold out in 7 min and only 10% of the people on the whitelist got in
    its a first come and first served model which is not very fair and people are overpaying in gas prices just to get into this gold rush
    i hope future icos have better models so it gives everyone a chance

  2. Another great video focusing on real life applications of cryptos/blockchain. I drop your name on other channels. Quality stuff.

  3. There are more middlemen in the travel industry than layers of an onion. They dictate to airlines , hotels etc and rake while keeping providers margins low. How it works seems a bit fuzzy, but I can see this having a lot of value to accomodation and transport providers if they can pull it off. IF.
    Nice review again Lark

  4. You’re one of the best cryptocurrency channels on YT, thank you so much for your efforts in spreading the news of blockchains, ICOS, and cryptocurrency.

  5. I don’t buy ICOs but I enjoyed your video and especially the quality of questions you ask of the project. It’s an important and often underappreciated skill.

  6. Please talk about GeneChain (DNA) from Encrypgen. This is my favorite coin and it is only beginning to get attention.
    Full genome sequencing available next week and is probably on KuCoin tomorrow. You are the right man to cover it!

  7. Hi, it should be as simple as having two ICOs with different hard Cap. One for whales another for poor bastards like us hah. Keep it up bro, neat reviews. Regards from Argentina!

  8. Hey The Crypto Lark, thanks for another informative video. How does this differentiate from what Lockchain is already doing? Lockchain already secured quite a few properties. Keen to hear your thoughts.

  9. nathan harrisonIt’s an idea of something that can be used in everyday life. Everyday life = real life application = use in everyday scenario. As opposed to a technological/not visible application. Understand?

  10. application = the action of putting something into operation. this has not been put into operation therefore it is not areal life applicationit is a POTENTIAL real life application, an idea, not a real life application.understand? and there is a massively important difference.there are thousands of potential apps but not so many real life ones actually in operation. it is misleading to sayAnother great video focusing on real life applications of cryptos/blockchainas if this is a functioning project that is in full operation.It is not and may never be. Try not to get carried away and choose your words more carefully if you want to be taken seriously.

  11. You have to mention that Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, brussels airlines and Eurowings is basically one company.

  12. I’m from New Zealand myself and have read local articles that suggest Air New Zealand has not only partnered with Winding Tree for an internal blockchain project and will actively use the Lif token for this, but also announced they would invest in the crowd sale itself! For the world’s #1 rated airline, onder andere, to have actively invested money into such a new token/blockchain project, I think this says a lot.

    On a side note, can you please explain to me how the coin supply works with this token? So any funds raised exceeding 10m are held in reserve which can be sold back to the team at a decent rate, I get that. But what do the team then do with those tokens? Burn them? Reintroduce them back to the market at a later date? Let’s say $50 Million was raised during the ICO, does this technically mean there will be $50 Million worth of tokens in circulation on the market place? Or only $10 Million tradable, and the remaining 40 are locked upkind of like circulating supply vs total supply? ook, from an investor’s perspective, if the circulating supply is based purely on how much is sold during the ICO, then would the best case scenario be that the 10m target isn’t reached, and say we only reach 5m, meaning there will only be 5m worth of tokens in circulation, and then FOMO/drastic increase in interest occurs after it hits exchanges due to further partnership or roadmap announcements are made, byvoorbeeld?

    This would mean the early investors hold much larger portions of the circulating supply, in this example 5m, before any flood of interest that starts pouring in upon the token being listed on exchanges. Does this make sense?! Do you think there’s enough interest in this ICO for it to meet or exceed the 10m, or do you think it’ll fall short, meaning early investors get to hold comparatively large balances? Also slightly confused around how they’ve pre-determined the ETH price of the token in advancedon’t ICOs normally base this off the rate right before the crowd sale goes live?

    Sorry for the long post, just wanting to get my head around it all. Really appreciate all the research you do!

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