Will ETHEREUM Fall to $0 in 2018? – Ethereum’s Co-founder Speaks Out

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ARTICLE: http://fortune.com/2018/02/19/ethereum-price-ether-vitalik-buterin/

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Will ETHEREUM Fall to $0 in 2018? – Ethereum's Co-founder Speaks Out

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30 kommentaar

  1. Thank you for all the amazing editorials concerning money and investing. You’ve helped me quite a bit in understanding investing. Amazon

  2. I really hope crypto doesn’t end up just being something to invest in, but an actual common currency for everyday life. Hopefully Bitcoin and Ethereum stabilize in value. Amazon

  3. I’m happy you’re mixing up your topic contents. In die verlede, it seems you’ve focused a lot on videos regarding the viability of mining, which I can appreciate as not many channels I’m subbed to do that. For me however, mining isn’t possible, but investing is. Thanks for covering current events more. Thanks for putting out this free content. 👍✌


  4. I enjoy all the different topics that you cover from stock to cryptocurrency and the apps to use. I have learned a lot from this channel in a short period of time. Even though I don’t have much for investing it’s fun to watch and learn. Dankie.


  5. PoS only benefits the very rich, and he knows it. I don’t want to FUD my own favorite holding, but he already benefitted from the common man mining, collecting and holding the coins. He is angry about the amount of fraudsters and market manipulators, and honestly wants to save crypto from being just a virtual slot machine. That’s great of him, but PoS is in fact giving the rich the tools to make even more money, contributing to the problem and abandoning the people who built his company for him: small-time average joes and hobbyists. I think a lot of those in crypto still believe in ETH tech and when they talk of lambos etc, it’s often done in playful banter. The statements and actions he has made are touted as deriving fromidealistic worldviews”, but are in fact condescending, even to the people who believe inthe tech”. Where was the sentiment aboutthe techwhen the fork happened? It seemed a lot of idealism was abandoned back then, but has suddenly become relevant. There is a little bit of compassionate-yet-concieted hipster in him

    That being said I think he has good intentions. ETH is my biggest holding, probably will stay that way, I just hope he doesn’t bite the hands that feeds.

    Edit: amazon, I actually didn’t notice there was a giveaway, just instinctively ranted.

  6. He needs to grow up a lil bit and talk like a man. Many pro cryto investors also complain about him. He is smart,but he too young and has no expireinces in running a business.

  7. I hate to say it, but it just won’t be bitcoin. The large majority of bitcoin has been mined already, only about 1% of the population in the world own bitcoin, and its estimated that 3-4 million of the 21 total bitcoin has already been lost. If/when it happens it will likely be a future cryptocurrency IMO. We’re still in the early innings of this game.

  8. How do you expect from crypto to have a stable value if it’s price depends only on the law of supply and demand? You can expect from some bank coin to be stable, yet centralized, but still using blockchain. And that coin would be used i guess like a cash today, but those all crypto coins will be assets like they are now, with volatile value. That’s why i love them, it just show us how there is no someone behind them to set specific value.

  9. And with POW rich can’t make money? With pow everyone earn more, and rich ones are able to make mining farms, while we individuals are not in that position. While i like mining and pow, it have a lot of flaws and security issues, and i don’t want to this what happened to bitcoin happen to other coins. POS or DPOS are solution for that.

  10. Proof of work is too energy intensive and will be overtaken by proof of stake coins and other variations in the future

  11. Vitalik should stick to the technical part of his project and leave these statements to people who know how to do PR. He could have said “Invest wisely without all that might go to zero stuff. Not a smart marketing guy at all!!!.

  12. I think Vitalik knows the scalability issues will not be solved quick enough. Now need to rent space on ETH.

  13. Thank for the video that you bring the current Etherium issue. Price went down quite a lot recently. I still think that Etherium is one of best Cripto currency.

  14. paying for transactions fees where the fees cost more than my coin.. explain this bs to me

  15. BlockSmarty Yeah BTC is kinda trash in my opinion. Too expensive to use for small transactions, especially when transaction numbers are high. Lightning network will take years to implement, so I think BTC will get passed by in that time.

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