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  1. Oktober 16 to 17k , december retraced to 14k then 2020 in march or april starting the fight with the 20k resistance, thats more realistic , 17k is.also strong resistance and 20k even more , major pullbacks are very likely to happen at those levels and the pattern that will.form might be huge and could take very long to complete and break out again
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  2. His strategy is wonderful and always gives accurate results, it was a big breakthrough in my life and all i can say is keep up the good work.

  3. His signals works like magic! He was recommended by a friend in Bahamas, I got to try his strategy and it is 100% viable.

  4. Accumulation phases are only happening, if there are btc on the market to accumulateas far as I could see, there are less on the table to accumulatewhich would mean to me, that this re-accumulation phase should be much shorter than the one beforealso the halvening will have its effect much earlier and quickerso we see the actual value higher as estimated in the former phasesin addition to my statements above, this would mean to me, that we will enter this next green phase much quicker and earlieraccording to the currency resets and the things happening in the crypto market, the parallel stock market situation, end of manipulations in silver and gold (soon) … I see a whole different reaction on the next bull run, as the former onesmore quick, steep, parabolic, maybe without a same selloff, as we saw in 2018. If you haven’t heard of Mr Walter Arrav be surprised because he has one of the best systems of patterns and signals for trading. In just 2 weke, i had grown 1.6btc to over 5btc and this has been a thing of joy to my family and I. You can reach him on email WALTERTRADING10@yahoo,com orTelegram: +13237766410 if you need some help and have questions about being a consistent profitable trader

  5. am so sure about this Walter’s strategy, my cousin is increasing the worth of his portfolio with it

  6. Thanks to him , I bought bitcoin on last week Friday afternoon, sold this morning after waiting for the bounce, can’t trade over the weekend. 8% profit, as you like to say nobody went broke taking profits.

  7. Trading successfully is when you got the right strategy. Trading with strategy has brought me great success. I have never seen a strategy as consistent as his

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