Will Bitcoin Remain #1? Can Any Project Dethrone It?

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In hierdie video, Kunal explores whether Bitcoin will remain #1 moving forward. He explains what the use cases would be for Bitcoin competitors, and why Bitcoin will remain #1 moving forward.
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Bitcoin will remain the only dominant cryptocurrency, BTC Ontleding


Blockchain’s Once-Feared 51% Attack Is Now Becoming Regular

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Will Bitcoin Remain #1? Can Any Project Dethrone It?

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45 kommentaar

  1. xrp for now not sure how things will pan out once Lightning Network is side chained, I think both will and work well together and thrive!

  2. Crypto is brutal but if you can afford not to sell don’t.If you joined the crypto movement in 2017 you should know that Now is one of the most Lucrative opportunity to grab and get Rich, and if you are Newer to the space, This fall in price will probably be the most lucrative opportunity you will ever encounter in the entire history of Crypto. You should never be scared of a Bear Market, In a bear market you learn to trade as a bear and in a bull market you trade as a Bull. We are in a Natural Correcting Market , my goal is to take advantage of the entire Channel if it hits bottom.I remember in 2008 when the financial market collapsed , so many people became millionaires playing the short end, right now there are many that are profiting and prospering in these conditions. There are two types of traders” Those that do the LOOSING and those that do the WINNING, I prefer to be Winning, shout out to my Coach *ROY* *MORGAN* who has taught me well enough to survive these hard times. in a Bubble, people have False Euphoria and false hope, and the only people crying are the loosing Traders ,I feel more pity for Hodlers because all they do is fold hands and wait for a miracle to happen,It’s either you Survive through trading or Die Holding. Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, to get more info about My Coach on his mail ( *ROYMORGANTRADING@**gmail.com* ) /Telegram Number +1-631-706-4129 He has a pattern you can use to generate consistent profits

  3. Ummm helloEOS does all those thing AND those it better! Currently does 4000 TPS!!!!!!!
    How could you even mention NEO or Ripple!

    Great job misinforming People 👍🏼

  4. +xngxs ok take out litecoin and put in Cloakcoin, that right there is a $1,000+ coin in the next bull run

  5. when crypto adoption become %10 in the world nobody going to use Banks and Swift anymore dont recommed you invest in XRP-RIPPLE company

  6. when crypto adoption become %10 in the world nobody going to use Banks and Swift anymore dont recommed you invest in XRP-RIPPLE company, ETH is only BETA version. i think there is still huge potential at altcoins.. when Alpha versions come out. we will talk about new millionares.. for now HODL BTC you will need it soon, be patient kids future is bright

  7. who holds %15 %25 of Cardano ??? they are dumping price for long time.. and taking your BTC making 0 development. we see only stupid talks on social media.

  8. +Brandon Murray lol i think that is one of the silliest comments i have ever seen. Anyways if you have done your research and that is what you have come up with, more power to you. I got out a long time ago, i have been waiting for the bottom and 100% i will be buying back a lot of Cardano.

  9. +Angelo Ivanov First time looking at it, seems like an interesting coin. Might put some money into it when the market is looking up.

  10. +Brandon Murray banks arent going anywhere. banks will house the common person’s crypto for them. it’s already happening

  11. shadows and manipulation of the government then we are agreeing to be stagnant and remain in the same position where we cannot do anything about the market but play dummy to their thesis and ,the system is selfish, greedy which they care about only their pockets while don’t look for things to do and never rely on the government and what it can offer. BITCOIN is changing the lives of people and relieve them the fear of losing what they have or not being stable in the nearest future, trade and become your boss today and avoid regret later, since I met Adrian Markus from Denmark, it has been really good on my part and when I thought I was loosing it, I got on the track again because I invested much more in day trading, and got a lot of profit in less than two weeks, I started with just 10K on my portfolio and I made 65K back in two weeks, since then my life has been perfect. Let help each other today and make the government know that with or without them we can be certified people and let’s find our way in bitcoin trading. You can reach Leon for helpful enquires and best trade services through his Gmail Adrianmarkus48@gmail. Com and lets make every bit of the crypto market profitable for us all by taking advantage of this opportunity and be successful, being poor is no fun I have been there!

  12. +Travel Videos I can’t even respond to that idiotic guy above us. But I do believe you’re correct. Hoskinson just tweeted the other day that hes getting off of Twitter for awhile. Leads me to believe they are about to bring the house down in Q1 2019

  13. +Tim Jong That makes no sense. Then why use crypto in the first place if you’ll give banks to held it for you? Fiat is already working very well

  14. Rhonnie Allan I personally will never give my crypto to banks but othersthe mass public, sal. It makes perfect sense. People don’t like to take responsibility for their own situations. It’s like people giving their money to brokers rather than learning to trade stocks themselves. Get it? And as I mentioned, it’s already happening. Coinbase custody for example

  15. XRP will take the #1 spot in 2019, its inevitable. The tech is solid, there is a use-case and loads of banks already use it in production.

  16. In making money off crypto, there are some popular notions some of which are correct and some, highly erroneous most especially the strategy of holding especially now that the value of crypto is on a nose dive and keep dipping daily. Holding your coins in itself may not be a bad idea but the emotions behind it lately is wrong and extremely dangerous because cryptocurrencies at this stage is highly speculative, unpredictable and generally a very new concept so as a smart investor, you have to find a way to gain on your coins by day trading and making the best off it. In day trading, you are betting an asset against the other in a pair and your prediction makes the profit or loses. Predictions in financial trading are not guesses in the actual sense but intelligent, researched and well back up the statement of the future action. With the right set of strategy, signals, and experience, you can make predictions of as high as 98% accuracy. This is not as difficult as it seems if you understand the market very well, not being emotional and know the perfect entry point and exit point. mense. There are far more experienced people who can guide you so you don’t lose your funds but my strongest advice is never to trade using a Robot and also not to allow an account manager trade for you. The reason is simple and it is security. You don’t want to lose your coins to a bad Bot or fraudulent Account Manager. My recommendation would always be Mr. Stefanos Veenman. He has raised a lot from beginner to expert traders with hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit to show for it. You can reach him on ( ( stefanosveenman@ Gmail com ) ) and with his guidance, you will easily know the ropes around crypto trading by following his signals and strategies because with his indications to buy and sell, and you placing your trades, you will get a better and quick understanding of the markets.

  17. You neglected to mention that Zilliqa is capable of over 2500 transaksies per sekonde, with a short term target of 10 000!!

  18. You don’t mention lightning. Turing complete smart contracts are dumb. Privacy can and should be done via side chains. You really could have done a better job. But crypto is going to 1000

  19. I think some of the discussions here are at cross purposes.. regarding xrp, goed, the next 5 yrs the relationship between financial institutions and ripple using xcurrent and ultimately for xrp for cross border remittance settlements is going to make some players extremely rich.. the only fear is how an institutional coin like xrp going to treat retail investors like me.. the coin should already be at a natural value of 2$.. so why not? Because the otc exchanges are depressing it! This to my mind does not bode well! But we’ll just have to wait and see..

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