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Robinhood download links:


https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/robinhood-free-stock-trading/id938003185?mt = 8


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id = com.robinhood.android&hl = af

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https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/acorns-invest-spare-change/id883324671?mt = 8


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id = com.acorns.android&hl = af&gl = ons

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39 kommentaar

  1. the only thing I liked about stash is that you could instantly reinvest dividends but the fees definitely kill profitability. I like robin hood better because more options and better dividend stocks with no fees but they don’t have a drip program yet but I did see that they would announce it when it’s ready so I think robin hood is definitely the way to go just make sure to research and invest in good companies like coca cola, 3m, j&j, and while some of the shares are really high right now for me they’re still obtainable you just have to be good at saving. I only make 17k a year before taxes and I can still afford most of these shares from good companies so it’s definitely possible.

  2. You are being a little harsh. ja, the minimal cost is $12 of .03%. Not everyone uses Robinhood or likes to research stocks and ETFs. You made it sound like it is $12.09 per ETF share in fees. Which is severely incorrect.

    What people need to understand is stash and acorns is a set it and forget it. Robinhood requires researching an ETF/Stock. ook, you can buy partial shares because people literally only have $5
    Hard to find a good stock to invest in for that much money.

    You gripe about the $1 per month but tell people to cough up the full share amount to purchase a share. Stash / Acorns should be seen as ETF herders with automatics and partial share buying. Very good reason to use them.

    Those apps are not for people willing to actively manage their portfolios. Big miss on your part. The first video of yours I’ll be disliking.

    ook, the same argument can be said about ETFs. Buy common stocks and don’t pay fees.

  3. I dont understand how stash invest is so bad. I love it so far. Acorns charges a dollar a month if not mistaken as well so whats the problem. I didnt understand your point about paying more. Team Vangaurd over here haha

  4. Because you can purchase the same ETFs through the Robinhood app and not have to pay any fees.

  5. Avelina Kim understood but for me I like it because I can get fractions until I have enough for a whole share

  6. Hi! I have been a user of Stash for a few months now, and I’m actually quite loving the returns that I have been seeing. I am no expert by any means of investing, and stash has been an awesome app that has helped me learn along the way. A few red flags popped into my head when I saw this video and I went ahead and even called stash to see what’s up. I haven’t seen any expense ratios deducted from neither my portfolio or my bank, and based on what the representative I spoke with, they say that the expense ratios are always factored into the price of the stock. I currently own blue chip stocks and the expense ratios are abysmally low ($0.07). Can you clarify as to what is happening in this situation or why Stash is complete bs? Dankie! Ijust subscribed.

  7. I understand people have their opinions but honestly it doesn’t matter what stock app or whatever you use, you are still gonna have to spend something, you just may not like it because of your budget. Op dieselfde tyd, if you don’t like something, another person will, it’s just how it is. Stay with whatever you have and just move on.

  8. Also I’m interested in investing, I’m just trynna do some more research before I make a decision and if I don’t like it, then Imma switch to something else.

  9. It’s not bs. Yeah it cost a little more but that is only $1 per maand. Skip lunch one day and you paid all the additional cost he is fretting over. There are no fees for cancelling or transferring funds. 12 dollars…that is all we are talking about. It is designed well and is easy to use and is better at incentivizing you to automatically save. If you just need to get in the habit and struggle to force yourself to save, 12 dollars is a small price to pay for that. Yeah you can save $12 and go somewhere else, but if you want investing to be easy and give you reliable diversified ETF options, Stash is the best at that. For many people who save NOTHING in this country it is a great app that gives you market based returns from legit ETFs.

    Also you can get up to 100 bucks if you sign some friends up. Sign up 3 friends and you completely negates Stashes additional fee and only pay the Expense Ratio that every investor has to pay in that fund.

  10. ok, this video was June 11, 2017. One month later on July 13, 2017 you make a video on whats the most profitable on Stash Invest. Showing what you have invested in stash. Are you just making videos just to make them, or do you really care about what your talking about. If you care so much about your $1 a month vs. $.09, then why start using your money to invest in Stash?

  11. agree i pay 12 a year to not watch and sell it like crazy yeah i made huge returns on robinhood but i watched it alot more and did research on what i bought alot of research

  12. 17k a year barely pays rent in Sarasota FLand those companys do pay dividends but i would not pick them(not horrible but honeywell did really well over GE lately) apple was good dividendbut you can buy the stash invest ETF on robinhood too!!!

  13. You put up a video two months later stating that stash is actually doing better than acorn which you have plenty videos complimenting acorn

  14. Tbh, im making money without me doing much. Yeah i could be making more with robin hood but i have not developed that knowledge yet. Im making more money than I have at first and very content. plus, this video is a tad bit misleading.

  15. You say to check the description but this is the 3RD video I’ve done so for extra info and it’s always the same Clinton joke.

  16. I see your point on etfs but stocks are less expensive when purchased ,etfs I believe are to ballance out the stock purchased which can be exspensive

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