Why Safex will moon in 2018? Interview with Safex Founder Daniel Dabek

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https://safex.io/ (official website)
https://safe.exchange/ (official forum)
https://twitter.com/safe_exchange (official Twitter)
httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=channel/UCKnUPw_PI1lhMPfrztUqnoQ (official youtube)
https://twitter.com/dandabek (Dan's personal twitter)
https://safexnews.net/ (community news)
https://twitter.com/SafexNews (community news twitter)

Why Safex will moon in 2018? Interview with Safex Founder Daniel Dabek

32 kommentaar

  1. Unlike many coins out there this is a real project. Many updates coming up in December. webwerf, referral program, alpha marketplace and more! Accelerated growth over the next 4 maande

  2. groot onderhoud! Been keeping my eye on this project for a while now, and now is the time to buy in. New website, white paper, affiliate program and the marketplace alpha all coming out mid-December of this year. Get ready for this coin to go to $0.05+ in the next 15 dae!

  3. What about Chille wallet ? They used to be Anonymous ? Losing lot of money and he does not look like he can complete the project ? He is getting nervous and this video was prerecorded and edited, not like other live interviews.

  4. They are still going to be anonymous.. and idk what Chille wallet you’re talking about. It’s an edited video on youtube. omg sell now lol

  5. The Safex wallet has already launched, it can be downloaded at Safex.io and the entire project is still going to be anonymous. Dan is currently right on schedule according to the road map, so I’m not sure why you think he won’t complete the project. ook, all of Altcoin Buzzes videos are edited, so what’s your point?

  6. Safex has huge intrinsic value unlike most other cryptocurrencies today!
    So glad to be in before the boom

  7. Very excited by this project and can’t believe that the price is still around 0.01$….
    Do yourself a favor and get some rapidly because it won’t take long and the price will blow up!
    Achetez du SAFEX avant qu’il ne soit trop tard, à un prix dérisoire, soit 0.01$! Le prix devrait exploser très prochainement!

  8. Great insight to Safex project. Can you please do a review of Props ICO launching this month of December>

  9. The supply is high, but that’s an outdated sentiment these days. There are several coins with multi billion coin amounts. Considering that Safex will have to be locked in order to collect dividends most people won’t be trading it. This is where scarcity comes in. The past week alone over 60 million coins were placed in wallets. Currently almost 60% of all the coins are held in a wallet. It’s better to get 10x the coins now instead of waiting. Plus you get the added benefit of collecting dividends during that time.

  10. nsendres87 hi why is everybody putting their safex into the wallet currently even though they have yet to payout dividend?

  11. Safex just went up 50 persent! Woot woot! Thanks bought in yesterday at .01 cent now its on .02! 🇺🇸


  13. Dan..may be you csn help.
    I have been trying to get my Safex coins out of Bittrex since it was delisted from the exchange. Bittrex Support has not helped. What should we do?

  14. By 0:52 we are told the marketplace should be out Q2 of 2018. This ends tomorrow June 30, 2018.

    Where is the marketplace?

  15. Hearing your explanation I can detect that you learned a lot from working in Belgrade with the developers of DASCOIN. Now I am interested if you can make it work. And there is never any greatness in critisizing the company where you got educated. Especially when they are far ahead of most crypto´s, in many ways.

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