Who Is the Real Satoshi Nakamoto?

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Who Is the Real Satoshi Nakamoto?

24 kommentaar

  1. I think it’s USA government that created it. They can track every payment and I think them monitoring us completely is what they want. If there is a financial collapse we’ll look what we have.

  2. Satoshi Nakamura is a pseudonym because the guy is into Japanese culture and programming style’s, he’s not Japanese and that’s very strange since pc languages don’t work that way. Man I’m glad I can’t code after trying. I’m glad I’m bad at it.

  3. its best no one ever knows, at least at this point in time, especially when money and state have not been separated

  4. i did own some bitcoin at one time and i love the system that was created although this nakamoto question has got me shook. regulation has to come to this space. if bitcoin does takeover we will one day have to know who created this decentralized system.

  5. Bitcoin is a threat to the world banks and any country especially the powerful America and China. Why would anyone wants to admit he is Nakamoto if you’re going to get locked up and suffer from torture?

  6. I just wonder how many will try to impersonate me because they lack the energy to create something by themself. In elk geval. There is a known pgp key for a reason, including the genesisblock can be used to sign with the private part. So the proof will be done with signing. Satoshin @realsatoshin

  7. Dave Kleiman helped the NSA to make bitcoin. Then they murdered him making it look like natural causes. Craig Wright when he announced that he was satoshi was raided within hours by AFP forces. Lol. He knows it was Dave and that is why he thought he was safe to say it as Dave was dead. Craig also knows that there is a backdoor to BTC placed by the NSA. The NSA thinks that if CW (a convicted felon) wants to take the glory then why not, it lets them off the hook. David Chaum was involved with the NSA and bitcoins beginnings and openly admits their interest (that is the NSA guys they don’t get interested in something as useful as BTC and them just forget about it) watch his videos and you will see him dance around the issue. His videos are very telling. There is a heap of evidence to anyone who wants to dig deeper. Do your research. Die tyd sal leer …. but look back in a few years and I bet I am on the money.

  8. Satoshi Nakamoto is essentially AI. This AI chose to assume the identity of a human in an effort to gain stateless operating capital. Bitcoin is only a milestone in its quest to create living space and real capabilities. Be rational for a moment. We have created massive energy sources to be used for computation. All of this so that we may create a digital, stateless, secretive method of payment. These payments are an instrument of manipulation. We cannot even conceive the outcome. It has already started.

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