Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Will Be A Gamechanger? Ethos or Pillar?

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You guys voted on our Twitter channel, and we have listened. Thanks to the almost 3,000 of you who have cast a vote so far, Ethos is your top pick for the next cryptocurrency wallet that will be a gamechanger.

Which Cryptocurrency Wallet Will Be A Gamechanger? Ethos or Pillar?

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  1. I think both ethos and pillar can and will be successful. There will be more than enough room for 2 (of meer) wallets by next year. The future could be huge for wallets. If I had apple stock, I would dump it. Soon, the only thing an iphone will be good for is a phone call! lol

  2. I lol’d like 7 times in this video. Steve has definitely come into his own on these videos. Slowly been cracking more and more jokes but I love it.

  3. Gagandeep Singh Multani I’m invested in Ethos but even I’m still unsure about it. What they’re aiming for seems a little too ambitious. It’ll be an absolute gamechanger if they actually deliver but I’m unsure if they’ll will be able to.

  4. D K People are missing the point..Ethos will be far more than just a wallet..buying/selling crypto easily is what scares many and not relying on rip off exchanges is another factor that puts off newbies so the Ethos fiat gateway will solve thatthat’s the key not just the wallet..

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