Wat gebeur in Crypto? With Naomi Brockwell & Dash Force News

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Naomi Brockwell and Joel Valenzuela of Dash Force News discuss all of the latest in crypto Grin, Cryptopia, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and so much more! Check Naomi's channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSuHzQ3GrHSzoBbwrIq3LLA

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What's Happening in Crypto? With Naomi Brockwell & Dash Force News

22 kommentaar

  1. Hey Naomi, I didn’t realise you were from Perth! Let me know if any crypto meet ups / events are happening this year 🙂

  2. Something weird with the autoswitch feature, so I remain in a tiny box, but I hope you enjoyed the chat 🙂

  3. Lark in nz with American accent, the Perth lady with Aussie/ American / South African accent and tassie man with American accent, good show guys

  4. Smashing the like and share! Cheers for the content Lark! Good stories. Timestamps would be mint 📝

  5. Bitcoin being the big coin is good it’s transparent. No big bankers can hoard without the public knowing who’s super rich and if they try and use it for evil they will be exposed. There’s smaller currencies that can be used like zcash and monero to buy things in private and malware can’t track you.

  6. I gave the lovely Ms Brockwell a sub and found this video very informative, thanks Lark. Its getting harder to find unbiased YT channels that aren’t shilling some coin. I’ve deleted about 20 channels worth of bogus information that I find repetitive. Ongelukkig, there are a lot of misinformed viewers being fed a steady stream of a one-sided perspective. Doing your own research doesn’t mean watching the same information over and over. Keep up the good work buddy!

  7. We will save tons of energy costs$$# when we get rid of all these big banks that line every cities skylines! Crypto Lark spot on😎

  8. HY HY dont discriminate the Larky…. big boy in tinny windowgreat way to reduce potential XD

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