Vechain ThorElectrifying Entreprise Blockchain Solutions

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Vechain is growing in scale and vision, the launch of their mainnet is bringing a feature rich business ready blockchain and a massive and growing list of partners will see the blockchain having huge utility out of the gate.

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Vechain ThorElectrifying Entreprise Blockchain Solutions

42 kommentaar

  1. checkout hexx! privacy coin with masternodes, cpumining(gpu/asic resistant), low inflation, fast transactions, hard working devs and forking with btc q3 2018!
    first coin to fix zerocoin bug! they also working on their on exchange which will support the fork!

  2. Not to mention some fundamental analysis PWC (one of the largest consulting firms in the world) has a small investment in #Ven as well

  3. Agreed. Blockchain is one of the best ways to play the game too. Are you familiar with any legitimate Blockchain Development Courses or Schools yet, Lark?

  4. Nice overview of VeChainhowever I feel as though you may have missed out mentioning a couple of their major relationships, DNV GL and a national level partnership for the smart district of Gui’an. Other than that, short and sweet overview of the project!

  5. Agreed! A little too many to keep track ofexcited to see what the future brings with the main net launch, hopefully will deepen VeChain’s real world integration. Keep up the informative content and a big thanks for all your efforts!

  6. Matthew Fiskland probably you know this one alreadybut Ivan on Tech is launching a course on the 1st of June.

  7. Awesome review Lark. I got in at 50cent odd, i see it goin to $20 this yr….Trac, eve ,ary have potential too.

  8. Vechain has one of their biggest announcements yet coming in the next few days!
    Has potential to reach $65-80 hierdie jaar.

  9. Thank you Carlos Filipe. I was not in the know. I will do a google search to find out more.

  10. More quality content form the Larkcheers, dude on the internet talking about cryptocurrencies!
    IMO Vechain will be one of the cryptoassets left standing when the extinction event occurs in the not too distant future.

  11. vechain intro is killer i only got a small amount on the april dip better than having none at all

  12. As always a great video Lark, thank you! I take of my hat for this dude who is only talking about cryptocurrencies…….on the internet.

  13. I really love your sign off style Lark. Indeed, long live the Block-chain and peace of till next time. <3

  14. Great stuff, as always. Feelin good about this one, especially because of PWC & DVN/GL. Holding for LT

  15. charlie heggarty Bright was today announcement, but should be another even bigger one coming very soon too!

  16. VeChain is going to be the blockchain with the MOST usage in only 2 maande. It will skyrocket and people will wonder how they missed that onethe writing is on the wall!

  17. Vechain is a serious project. One of the best projects in the space. Do your research before you miss out.

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