Top 5 CHEAPEST online Stock brokers

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These are pretty much as cheap as they come.

Top 5 CHEAPEST online Stock brokers

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  1. Dankie! eerlik, I would say that Robinhood is perfect for that. With no trade commissions it is useful for learning the ropes. Natuurlik, just take the process slowly and use your best judgment when buying and selling.

  2. what is the minumun amount of money you need to go for one of this options?
    for example SURETRADER ask for 500$

  3. +Thomas Stavropulos I’m not too sure, but I’ll look into that.

  4. Do not think about cost of brokerage until and unless you are doing heavy day and short term trading. Choose good reputed broker if you are investor or medium and long term trader.

  5. Curious, theres got to be an easy way of computing cost basis at tax time without it being a huge ordeal right?

  6. I want to start buying stocks but at 8 dollars per trade on td amer….. That’s wayy too much for me

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