Top 3 Cryptocurrency Altcoin Sleeping Giants For Jeff

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These are my top 3 altcoins in the cryptocurrency market for 2018 and years to come. I believe these are long term holds, that will make nice gains. My choices are Electroneum, the Monero hard fork for privacy coins and microtransactions on the mobile phones. Then Cardano, which has its first token being built on it. Also IOTA, a project using the Tangle Ledger.

Top 3 Cryptocurrency Altcoin Sleeping Giants For Jeff

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  1. Whats up everyone, thank you for the support and encouragement to keep making videos. Happy to know many of you like the vids. – Jeff Thanks to Crypto Eddie for the video idea on Twitter.

  2. idk about nucleas vision but GVT is going to the moon bro very achievable goals mvp coming out on April 1st!!

  3. Jeff,
    I have been listening to your videos and the videos of altcoin buzz for about three months. You have proven to be not only very knowledgeable about the crypto space but also very knowledgeable and experienced about trading in the markets. In the past I day traded for about three years in stock market and I was also a financial advisor for a major stockbrokerage company in the US.
    I want to say that I am very thankful for the time you spend researching and giving people your valuable opinion about different topics. Please keep up the good work. There is a lot of people out there like myself that really value your work and find it extremely useful.
    Thank you again.

  4. Zol z and why do you think so ? Is it adopted or hyped ? Take care if you just ‘heard’ or ‘watched’ a video that looked convincing

  5. Cardano needs a more ambitious CEO? Charles is in a new country every week giving talks and promoting Cardano. He accepts every YouTuber’s offer to talk live. He’s on social media daily. Cardano is the most ambitious project in the entire space (sometimes to a fault). I can’t think of a more vocal CEO in crypto.

  6. Have you not looked at the whitepaper or tested the wallet? This is some ground breaking tech over 15 years in development for a next gen OS secured with the blockchain, they have found a way to counter the current problems with OS when it comes to malware, ddos and asset copyrights, and more in the whitepaper, they already have a working product, a working blockchain, a working wallet, merged mined with btc so they already have the hashing power ready. Da Hongfei and bitman is backing this project along with Foxconn a major chinese tech company and they have a major partnership from a chinese car company. Have prototype coming out later this year for a phone os running on elastos. Currently only on houbi but have around 100 million in volume. Currently pending a binance listing and have 8 dapps being relased on the 15th.

  7. Electroneum Hodl from the beginning. They made a lot of partnerships and there will come more. 5 march the mobile mining. People will talk about it. Than more adoption so the price will rise. Let’s see what they will achieve next Q💪🏼

  8. I am not a lawyer or anything. But can’t you just put the disclaimers into video description and just copypaste it from video to video? Didnt time it but it feels like 10 minutes out of 20 are disclaimers which is slowly putting me off your otherwise great content.

  9. I’m very surprised Achain (ACT) is getting so little attention. It seem like a good platform. (Vrywaring, I own ACT)

  10. I saw *Forty Seven* is listed on *ICORating* as one of the most promising *ICO projects* in February, is it right?

  11. Thanks Jeff for your insights. Interessant! I have ADA and ETN in my top three positions. Great potential.

  12. Based on everything I’ve read and watched, Electroneum really does have the potential to become adopted by the masses, providing the gateway for newbs into crypto. Everyone should be rooting for this coin to succeed. I mean, these guys have already got deals signed with telcom providers in developing countries with around 200m users. Their simulaed mobile miner for Android goes live on Monday March 5th.

  13. ETN has the most potential and I did not participate in the ICO, I bought in at 8cents!

  14. I like your ETN opinion, I am holding my ETN longterm, and I like their plan for those same reasons

  15. The Assist Man why? Is it because they have at least four or five problems with their coin every month?

  16. not they dont. they have had issues yes but all of them have been fixed in a timely manner. you keep forgetting this business is only 4 months old. guess you dont now what all the other coins went thru their 1st year either.

  17. been around crypto for a about 5 jaar….while most thought quantitive easing was anything more than the government using our tax dollars to buy companies stocks to prop them up on our dime. You could learn a lot from me. But many of these newb investors just want all hype and complain when their coin eventually dies out because the cryptospace will eventually see thru all the meaningless hype.. nou, let’s assume that electroneum never has another problem again, what makes them better than any other cryptonote coin? (Please don’t say marketing, …..that’s actually the main problem….that’s all they have….)

  18. nothing they suck. i wouldnt buy it or touch them at all. dont know why you even care about them. good day

  19. It works for me, but takes forever to download every time. Gelukkig, there is a new wallet update coming this week! Charles heard you! ook, Cardano will have cold staking POSmeaning you don’t need to keep the wallet online like with other POS coins.

  20. Only issue with Cardano, a coin whose main attraction ismathematical perfectionismthat will need years to mature is: Hashgraph, the blockchain killshot which is also based on an even more advanced form of mathematical perfectionism and is advancing rapidly.

  21. Go have a look at the roadmap, Scott. They’ll have staking mid year, dApps by end of year and everything will be done (governance etc.) by end of 2019. They’ve even got their first ICOs being announced. Ethereum started as an idea too, once. Cardano is improving blockchain technology (that works) whilst Hashgraph is still theoretical.

  22. Bro . American gov think to ban some crypto currency which is mainly use in terror funding please see it and make a video for safety to all

  23. Bro . American gov think to ban some crypto currency which is mainly use in terror funding please see it and make a video for safety to all

  24. Christopher Jennings You can have the greatest tech on the whole world but if you can not sell it its useless! ETN is the first crypto that is actually doing something to bring the masses. They will also open doors for other cryptos as wellmaybe then you’ll be thankful to them.

  25. Common sense please. If everyone in the world can mine Electroneum from a cell phone, Electroneum would be worth less than a grain of sand, or a blade of grass. Think about it.

  26. I think its designed so the price will stay relatively low but with mass adoption I guess you never know It could go up

  27. sniperwork etn can be divided 100 times so that means there is more btc in circulation than etn

  28. Altcoin Buzz can you please tell me your opinion about clear poll and clarify projects please ??

  29. Altcoin Buzz clear poll token will be advertiseing for one weak on Cmc start from 28 of march according to their Chanel in telegram. Two application available for testing : iOS and android. Full lunch in may . Your opinion please ?

  30. I have found one project that is based on Cardano, and a very ambitious project. CryptoKamiDecentralized Reserve System. That’s more interesting project.

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