Top 10 Low Cap Cryptocurrencies

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Let's look at some interesting projects with low market caps that may offer some good potential moving forward. Please note that investing in lower market cap coins can be a high risk proposition, always do your own research before investing your own money. Just opinions, not financial advice 🙂

Please note that this is NOT a sponsored video.

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Top 10 Low Cap Cryptocurrencies

28 kommentaar

  1. TLDR/V 😉
    1:50 Origin Trail
    3:00 Ravencoin
    4:05 Electrify Asia
    5:30 Haven
    6:30 aXpire
    7:15 Banyan Network
    8:10 Datawallet
    9:15 Hacken
    10:22 Jibrel Network
    11:11 Propy
    13:10 Decesion token

    Dont forget Peculium : First savings platform in cryptocurrencies

  2. Talking cybersec & infosecPolyswarmNCT token> Great team, project and tokenomics! The era of growth by hype is gone, we need to focus on the tech and adoption!

  3. Lark ,Polyswarm is the ONLY decentralized antivirus blockchain.Worth taking a look at me thinks.Thanks for a great show 🙂

  4. Thanks Lark. Always look forward to your videos. Solid content always! You have to stop telling everyone about my favourite coins tho. I’m still accumulating. haha…

  5. Same with BBN 🙂 They’ve got the UnionPay Smart Founder on board <3
    Love these low cap tokens, now we just need to be able to hodl

  6. NEBL DRG PBL NANO GVT consolidated down to these 5 today all can go xx and not be silly market cap and the token economics are awesome that’s 50/ 100 x. Cheers

  7. Great video thanks! I think you left out three great coins >#cargox#blockcat#telcoinGood luck to all!

  8. Great upload sir!!
    Great potential in them all. Thanks for the heads up.. Lol @ thumbnail😂😂

  9. Great picks Lark! AXP and BBN are golden!
    I’m gonna throw in ARY for my top 3 low market caps:
    AXP: Possible partnerships with parent company LSG’s SaaS clients (Coke, Nike, ATT)
    ARY: Possible partnerships with Fedex, UPS
    BBN: Partnerships with China Union Pay smart, HPB, CPC

  10. Im glad my favourite crypto youtuber mentions ELEC my favourite project for 2018 🙂 They have great parnetship with TEPCO very big Japanese energy company and many more stuff just look up their subreddit electrify asia

  11. great video, I like few of these 😉 noshavetill20k…………….cryptolarknation #SICKGAINS

  12. dang I been watching you for a long time now well like 5 months and you deserve way more subs. keep it up man

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