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Ek is op geen manier 'n MARK PROFESSIONELE; Gebruik jou eie oordeel by die aankoop van aandele en ANDERS. EK IS NIE VERANTWOORDELIK VIR EN winste of verliese wat jy mag ondervind.

Die mark is inherent riskant, En jy moet belê slegs WAT jy is heeltemal bereid om te verloor.

KWOTASIES WAT IN VIDEO die titels en anders is, MY eie opinies; Hulle is in GEEN wyse verband hou met MENINGS VAN kundiges in die bedryf. Videotitels my eie opinie en moenie as feitelik of op sigwaarde GENEEM.

Ek beskik tans oor beleggings in aandele, BONDS, EN CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Ek IN geen manier BEVORDER ICOS. ICOS hoë risiko, Spekulatiewe beleggings wat slegte akteurs bevorder. VIR HIERDIE REDE, Dit is noodsaaklik om advies in 'n gelisensieerde professionele finansiële adviseur te win voordat 'n belegging in ICOS EN Crypto IN DIE ALGEMEEN. NIE om dit te doen kan sit jy ten FINANSIËLE RISIKOBESTUUR.

EK IS NIE 'n gelisensieerde professionele finansiële adviseur, Ek is 'n openbare figuur betuig my eie menings deur die YouTube-PLATFORM. NIKS VERMELD IN VIDEOS IS ADVIES, EN moet nie geneem word as advies. In enige bate teen JOU EIE RISIKO, En soos altyd, Belê slegs WAT jy is heeltemal bereid om te verloor.


37 kommentaar

  1. Hey man, all this positive positivity is positively getting boring. Try getting real. I am beginning to feel like this a cult or something where people get happy about eating their dead.

  2. Quick reminder! Next ’roundof Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 – continues into 2020 – mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 – 2017 prysstyging!

  3. Another complete;y worthless video from this channel, featuring the worst person to make predictions. Tom Lee is NEVER right, period

  4. you are so positive you would see the upside to sitting on a burning airplane at 30000 feet with 2 terrorists sitting on either side of you, and with both wings missing. Cmon, tell us , what are u taking?

  5. Do you think a dollar is real? Why? Because you have faith in it. Even though our own gov’t doesn’t print it? Even though we’re in debt 46 trillion dollars? Took money to mine bitcoins, that’s value there. Only so many unlike the never ending printing press of the dollar which is also value! Gov’t not in control of our money bad? For them, not you. I honestly don’t care what it does. I believe inevitably the dollar will crash, reset. May be next year or 10 jaar. Keep part of you portfolio in bitcoin, precious metals, and properties if you can. Wait for the housing crash first than clean up. Quit thinking quick money, don’t stare at the price. The bankers have long outlooks, time to outsmart them. They know we have short attention spans, well maybe we should work on these things.

  6. another giant pile of BULLsheet. Heard it countless times and market just gone down meanwhile. Cant even imagine more useless content. Tom Lee is always wrong.

  7. since BTC is low now is better I continue earning BTC with the help of Vosk Coin miners,they are actually fast as I heard and confirmed.

  8. Trading successfully is just trading with accurate trading signals. ek maak 60% of my investment using Mr Larry’s strategy.

  9. I would recommend Mr Larry Cox for any newbie in crypto ,he was of great assistance when I was new to the crypto space.

  10. Trading needs an expert with experience who can tackle and predict stocks to yield maximum profits. Mnr. Larry Cox is that expert!

  11. Tom Lee does a good job in bringing positivity to the space”..Really? I doubt theInvestorswho have been burnt all the way down from 20k to 3.5K would agree.. Mostly he just talks in riddles, based on nothing just guesswork and hope. Hardly positivity, more like delusions of grandeur.

  12. if you ask me, i will tell you i agree with him, i tried to explain to my wife how this vosk coin program but she insisted i was reckless to invest in the said skills of someone i heard of online, my first payout put a shock in her mouth and we haven’t stopped working with vosk coin ever since

  13. just the month of march when i almost gave up on crypto , my sister introduced me to vosk coin, he told me not to worry that i have come to the right place for assistance , since then i have earning great

  14. I hate BTC for how it is being presented. It was the first coin, thus is most valuable. Maar, no lightning upgrade means it is dead fish in a barrel.

    I hate how all Alt coins latch onto BTC as if they cant work without it. The truth is XRP has Rapid out and should be going up, but cant because the stigma that BTC has to be what all other coins are backed by, aka their value is directly associated to BTC value.

  15. Agreed….not sure why I wasted my time watching this ….Bull will only happen in a year or two and then not as parabolic as 2017

  16. Whats not to be positive about? My day trades are gaining me more BTC because of its relatively low value, Ive filled my bags buying as much as I possibly can with fiat, the only way from here is up.

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