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24 kommentaar

  1. I use to…”REALLY”…like your channel, maar, as of lateI think you’re, merely, causing false hope upon a many, through CLICK BAIT. For your title is sayingFOR SURE”…yet your, actual, video is saying it’s aPOSSIBILITY/MAYBE”. SmhI came for REAL newsnot one’s personal HYPE. And tomorrowthis coming week…en so aan, I’mSUREyou’ll be back to yourBITCOIN WITH BE THISOR THATMUCHin the coming weekmonthand year to comeyet it(your HYPE) “NEVERhappens. Hypehypehype.

  2. Yeah your theory about the demise of the petro dollar is very real. People are sick of the fiat scams and how the banks manipulate for their own advantage. Precious metals and crypto of course will do very well. My guess is because of lack of Bitcoin, less than 21mil, people will use the other top alts and they will be priced similarly. We play with this new funny money today but tomorrow it may be what empires are built with and what future generations use to fulfill dreams.
    Thanks for the forward think analysis. It’s hard to find people willing to peer outside their box and see.

  3. B3yond Gr3yMatt3r agreed, no real news, just a tom lee or john mcafee followed byhis opinionwhich is always “ek stem saam”, no technical analysis or even sources of informations. gotta be the worst crypto channel out there.

  4. The crooks in Washington of NWO QE unlimited printing mafia do not wont to see 14.5 mil BTC must turn the printer 🖨 off, but is too late!! The dollar is backed by paper to scam the world !! Good luck with it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Cooking the gold price and all fake reports and stole the money and the gold deposits of the country’s and all this sanctions is gonna make situation 14.5 mil reality
    sooner then you ting !!!!
    Load it up now is time to catch the last train!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Slava Russia 🇷🇺 /

  5. Jamie Fagan $100 trillion tomorrow?
    No way ..I think $100000000000 trillion in the next hour lol ..this YouTuber is a real f*chen wanker

  6. Charlie Big its not so crazy bitcoin 15M$ in 2025….

    Bitcoin grow from $0,0025 in 2010… om $5000,00 now

    Maybi hi is a bit to optimistic. But hi is not a froud 😉

  7. Writing this from Finland, EU. I have to agree.

    I actually am even more cynical regarding the future as I think all this is not about economics only, but the fundamental structures of the western world.

    To me it looks like especially EU will burn and so might the US. And I mean literally.

    BtwThis comes from person who would like to live in an international society, but can’t figure out how illegal immigration could solve the problem.

  8. We have become societies of herded ostridges. Most of us -including most of our leaders- seem to be capable of ONE sole thing: Burying their head in the sand.

  9. Comparing with the Roman Empire: Solid 👍

    Done that regarding EU for quite while. Also with the USSR. We are living through a bizzarre time here indeed.

  10. Thats the most sensacionalist page I ever saw. Only kiding with our hopes. Good to dream.

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