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Robinhood App – Earning around $125 Per WeekMy Portfolio

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40 kommentaar

  1. the reason you just called me bro.. gave me the answer I was looking forsoooo I’m not doing thisthank you

  2. He’ll never beat the market because he owns the market! way too many stocks to follow and no way can you keep up to date on that many!

  3. Went up and down. Pumped on no real news, so it is in essence still holding no value as without insurance they lose money through their company every day.

  4. Having earned $125 in a week doesn’t really qualify for saying a portfolio earns around $125 per week on average, I find the title a bit misleading. Plus many of your overall returns appear negativeSo you may be up $125 for the week, but if you were down $200 the week before, you’re not really up $125, but instead down $75.

  5. Low Code in most states you have to be 18 to invest in stocks so you wouldnt be able to anyway let alone in the few states that have the investing age at 21

  6. If your doing long term you should only put your money into companies that pay dividends. Companies that have been around for a long time and are not going anywhere any time soon. If you are playing the stock market, you should take that $5k out of those other stock and do some day trabes. There are a lot of good stocks out there that you could make around $1500.00 a week with that money and grow your account quickly. A $125 dollars a week is nothing. If you have a day job and don’t want to be a day trader then just invest as much as you can into large dividend paying companies and keep reinvesting the dividends and in 10 om 15 years you will be looking great.

  7. hey tech, I enjoy the videos and its become a hobby to watch. you got a good voice for it. very informative but one problem.
    you scroll to fast, I want to SEE. I would love to see the dividend amount vs the amount of shares you have in particular stocks. you scroll down sorta slow and then back up so fast and it would be so much better to spend a little more time scrolling back up.
    its like going to view a demo house and the agent saysBedroom 1 is nice here lookopens the door and as you look BAM slams the door and not even a glimpse.

  8. +Lonnie Mcgallion Hey, thanks a ton for watching and for the feedback! Your analogy is pretty hilarious. That’s something that I’m definitely working on improving, and I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

  9. And this is why most people will not make much in stocks. You will never make enough to generate an income with dividends. Day and swing trading is the only way.

  10. I’m sorry but I don’t get this video. The title is misleading.

    All you did was tell us what stocks you have.

  11. On sorta new but isn’t your total return supposed to be positive? I think all of them are negative yours just an honest question not trying to mock or anything.

  12. 715490 926 That’s not true. Invest in ETF’s that pay out monthly so you can put that back in 12x a year and keep it up for 10+ jaar. So that means that you are able to make more every month. Eventually it is a ton to generate income monthly. Like Apple Hospitality Real Estate REIT paying 6.12% $1.20 $APLE

  13. Won’t ridicule you, Thanks for sharing Bro’pay attention to Tesla when they name the new head..if he’s a Goldman Sachs puppet then jump on it..👏👍

  14. LOL I have been making that much on my 600$ start out on RH, started at 600 went up to 900 in less than a month

  15. Hell yeah bruh.. Dude got like the worst portfolio ever to me no $fl $nkeI could buy one share of $goog one share of $amzn and 3 shares of $ Ma and beat u bruh..

  16. Dridful ypu can always find a way to get a SSN, yours I mean then open a free checking account at a bank if you can or a Wal Mart one via bluebird. Robinhood then get 🙂

  17. That sounds very simple, but I am guessing that whoever posted the video and doesn’t actually know much about stocks (like me). Don’t you really have to know what you’re doing to do successful day trading? You also have to have at least $25,000 in robinhood to do day trading

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