Robinhood App – DAY TRADING AMD For PROFIT in Robinhood

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koop, verkoop, wat gedoen moet word?

Hou dit ingeskakel hier op die Techcrackhouse vir nuus, wenke, en die beste maniere om te belê.

Skryf asseblief en soos, dit help baie.
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Ek is op geen manier 'n MARK PROFESSIONELE; Gebruik jou eie oordeel by die aankoop van aandele en ANDERS. EK IS NIE VERANTWOORDELIK VIR EN winste of verliese wat jy mag ondervind.

Die mark is inherent riskant, En jy moet belê slegs WAT jy is heeltemal bereid om te verloor.

Robinhood App – DAY TRADING AMD For PROFIT in Robinhood


Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

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  1. Even if is not a day trade it can lag and you end up buying or selling at a different price 🙁 they really need to work on that to make this app much better. I love it but it could be be so much better

  2. I wouldn’t buy this stock. The company has more liabilities than assets and the book value is terrible.

  3. If you keep a cash account you can day trade unlimited, but keep in mind there will be a T-3 rule, meaning you’ll have to wait 3 days for your funds to settle after any trade before having them to use again….though if you divide your account by 3 and only use 1/3 of your account funds everyday effectively you trade daily 1/3 accountwhich in my opinion is probably good to be more picky with trades you take starting out anyway. It has a good risk management effect with max draw down enforcedalso preventing over trading.

  4. I thought that rule only apply to margin trader, a customer trading in only a cash account will not be designated as a Pattern Day Trader??????

  5. WITNESSx how? When I put a sell limit I get more money 80% of the time then the limit I put, the other 20% of the time it’s exactly how much I asked for. Maybe you need to make a video explaining why it’s junk because it works perfect for me.

  6. I replied to techcrackhouse and told him that when he doesn’t use limit orders he is throwing money away because market orders will almost always be in the other traders favor

  7. Actually.. TechCrackHouse is correct about the 25k account. If you have that much in your account, you can day trade whenever. But honestly if you’re in the 25k-50k size I would suggest a better broker, larger accounts are not great for Robinhood because of lack of features and especially execution speed/refresh rates.

    You get 3 day trades every 5 dae. If you buy and sell the same stock in the same day it’s a day trade. Or if you sell and then re-buy in that stock in the same day, same thing. It gets even more complicated if you make multiple purchases/sales in the same day on the same stock, those are also counted against you.

    By default Robinhood tries to limit you to 3, supposedly it’s hard to go over 3. If you DO it will flag you and they can suspend your account.

    You ARE allowed to day trade. They will not hurt you if you keep it within the limit. Just be strategic with it. You can buy the night before and sell the next morning, will not count as a day trade. Just figure out a method that works for you if you plan to do it.

  8. Why is day trading not good? As long as you don’t do it too much you’re fine. Use a limit order if you want a specific price.

  9. GuyVelella depends on how much you invest. Bank of America is a good one to buy. It’s rising quickly. All banks are.

  10. for the most part..its stableplus or minus it will. always go higher due to its usage in computersi have had it since it came on market day 1

  11. because volatility can sometimes be better than bagholding but it is riskier yes , but it is often good for building an account

  12. VICTOR Mrdude…. what you’re saying is true.. however he updated is account to (RH instant) … it let’s you use the funds from a sell right away instead of waiting 3 days to settlethat’s good except it pretty much means you now have a margin account and subject to day trading rules

  13. someone said you sound like a south park character on another video because the okay’s after speaking but the Mmkay in this one is definitely Mr. Mackey

  14. I use a cash account so I can trade as many times I have the cash to trade with. What a fool I am. I thought if a traderblew uptheir account there would be penalties. Not so. Turns out traders can short and lose maybe a million dollars and there is no penalty. Very, very weird to me. Out here on this side of thescreamthere isn’t debtors prison yet/again unless the insane clown gets his way and should be the first one in a cell, they would huff and puff and blown your house down for every dime they could get. That is if a person pulled that BS out here in this so called reality. I guess some brokers might slap your hands or turn off your account for a month or 3 if you do many day trades.

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