Robinhood App BasicsWhen To Sell Your Stocks

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Robinhood App BasicsWhen To Sell Your Stocks

32 kommentaar

  1. Videos are quite useless. I’m a true neophyte when it comes to this stock business but you make it very understandable. Thx for the series and you just gained a subscriber👍🏽

  2. trying to understand so if i buy a stock will i have to keep adding money monthly weekly in order to maintain it im confused ? can if i buy one for 5 dollars and i see lots of red the next day will i loose that?

  3. Luis Hinoj64 no you don’t have to keep adding money. You want to buy low and sell high. What he meant was to hold on to your stock for a while because it usually increases in value over time. Don’t trade in the negatives you will lose money.

  4. MY LIFE IS A MEME MY LIFE IS PATHETIC , hay thanks for the info, whats up with your screen name ? Do you know thw hardest book to read in 2018 is the holy bible ,, it will turn that pathetic filling in to happy joy joy … sê maar net .. thqnks agen..

  5. Tried to use your link to get the stock and it redirected then showed an error message. I signed up on my own and the next day your referral offer appeared in the app. I clicked on it and wants me sign up all over again which I cant do. Any advice?

  6. I want to thank you for all the info in this videos, God that was very help full, even though I still have a lot of questions, like the difference between stock and ETF, how the ETF work, how to buy one, and many more so far. Thank you again, and if you can make some videos with the subjects I just mention it will be very much appreciated. (I’m learning English, sorry for my grammar and spelling.)

  7. So if we make money off a stock then we have to write it down on our taxes? or do they subtract the money for taxes automatically? What happens if it don’t get the stocks filed on our taxes we get in trouble?

  8. From experience I believe Robinhood is an unsecure platform. I have saved many screen shots that show massive percentage miscalculations, screen, graph, and background colors mixed up. Won’t exacute sale when up, won’t buy when opportunities are present.
    I do not recommend this trading platform.

  9. Thanks a lot for making these videos. My friends tried explaining the app and how it works. Maar, for the life of me, I couldnt figured it out. These videos really help me out and made a difference. Now so, I feel more comfortable with doing more investing. weer, thank you, it was super helpful!!

  10. +MY LIFE IS A MEME MY LIFE IS PATHETIC so if we bought it for lets say $89.50 and then we sell it when its valued at $189.50 we made $100.00 profit ???

  11. You have to report it as capital gains tax. The more you make the higher. Ja, you’d get into trouble with the feds if you don’t report it.

  12. Do the money go to my bank account automatically when i’m ready to cash out? I want to know how that is done on collecting funds and seeing it.

  13. I currently have 3 stocks right now,I want to sell but which stock option would be better,last price or stock limit price?

  14. Can you do a video when it comes to taxes? I’m new to this robinhood app stock trading and all the talk of taxes confuses me

  15. Francisco Rodriguez
    sell pricebuy price = profit
    Multiply your profit by the capital gains tax rate for your tax bracket. Robinhood will compile a report that shows your profits. Take them to your tax professional or use it to complete your TurboTax review. If you take losses, you can write them off. TurboTax will walk you through all the questions required. Just answer them accurately. You can write off ten thousand dollar of losses across every three year period.

    So if you take a $10,000 loss o e year, you can write off $3,333.33 every year for three years. This number may have changed a little bit. TurboTax has the updated info built into the survey. Your tax professional and HR Block look the particulars up on Google right in front of you. It’s all no big deal.

  16. When i was starting off i found your videos to be the easiest to understand. You should seriously consider continuing the Robinhood series!

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