Reddcoin For Cryptocurrency Tips on TwitterSocial Media Use Case

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I decided to make this video, thanks to an experience I had on Twitter, where I was tipped in Reddcoin. I checked out the use case, claimed my Reddcoin and decided to share it with you guys.

As you know I am excited about the opportunity for social media to use cryptocurrency to actually get content creators paid for their time spent engaging audiences. This is long over due in my opinion.

Reddcoin For Cryptocurrency Tips on TwitterSocial Media Use Case

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  1. Great use case for RDD, hopefully if people start using it this way it might prompt social media sites to integrate the coin fully

  2. Reddcoin is a legitimate coin like many others out there. All it takes is a major corporation to decide to partner with a coin for it to skyrocket. Look at what happened to zcash last year when jpmorgan announced an adoption of their platform.
    Here’s my reddcoin deposit address in case anyone wants a place to ‘dump’ their RDD: Rk3bixSF3Hj5u9hNmF6a2XLbcLTutzeDDV

  3. i would also like to donate 200 reddcoins please link your wallet address jeff.
    this is great for adoption of reddcoin on social media platforms

  4. NICE! RDD needs make a clear instructional video / Ad for this. Hopefully it’s on FaceBook and Instagram too

  5. Reddcoin appears to have a group of devs, that wont quitthats rare. I think they will pull off something huge.

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