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'N kans kry om te wen $100 Bitcoin elke maand Deur 1. smaak video! 2. SUBSCRIBE! 3. aandeel! 4. KOMMENTAAR: Bitcoin Forever

VRYWARING: MENINGS wat verskyn in die video my eie. EK IS nie verantwoordelik vir enige winste of verliese wat jy dalk ervaar wanneer die koop van aandele, CRYPTOCURRENCIES, OF ANDERSINS. ALTYD versigtig en maak jou eie ingeligte besluite.

INDIVIDUE WAT IN DIE FOTO, TITELS, Of beskrywings mag of nie mag nie geassosieer word met besprekingspunte. ENIGE ooreenkoms met regte mense is suiwer toevallig. STATE WAT IN titels is 'n weerspieëling van my eie persoonlike menings, EN is op geen manier VERBONDE AAN INDIVIDUE, MAATSKAPPYE, Of name WIE kan verskyn in titels.

SKENK Bitcoin EN Crypto HIERONDER! Elke skenking help ons om 'n ton. Hou Crypto STERK!

ETH: 0xc6e3BED82529CB4E8617BB72b48F7eB43F14a580
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LTC: LVbXBQTUD34GzmkdoDfJEqiBuMzxjEU17d

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Ek is op geen manier 'n MARK PROFESSIONELE; Gebruik jou eie oordeel by die aankoop van aandele en ANDERS. EK IS NIE VERANTWOORDELIK VIR EN winste of verliese wat jy mag ondervind.

Die mark is inherent riskant, En jy moet belê slegs WAT jy is heeltemal bereid om te verloor.

KWOTASIES WAT IN VIDEO die titels en anders is, MY eie opinies; Hulle is in GEEN wyse verband hou met MENINGS VAN kundiges in die bedryf. Videotitels my eie opinie en moenie as feitelik of op sigwaarde GENEEM.

Ek beskik tans oor beleggings in aandele, BONDS, EN CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Ek IN geen manier BEVORDER ICOS. ICOS hoë risiko, Spekulatiewe beleggings wat slegte akteurs bevorder. VIR HIERDIE REDE, Dit is noodsaaklik om advies in 'n gelisensieerde professionele finansiële adviseur te win voordat 'n belegging in ICOS EN Crypto IN DIE ALGEMEEN. NIE om dit te doen kan sit jy ten FINANSIËLE RISIKOBESTUUR.

EK IS NIE 'n gelisensieerde professionele finansiële adviseur, Ek is 'n openbare figuur betuig my eie menings deur die YouTube-PLATFORM. NIKS VERMELD IN VIDEOS IS ADVIES, EN moet nie geneem word as advies. In enige bate teen JOU EIE RISIKO, En soos altyd, Belê slegs WAT jy is heeltemal bereid om te verloor.



Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

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  7. Important Information for New or Current Bitcoin Investors

    1. There will only be 21 million Bitcoin; many of them will be lost forever. Many of them have already been lost.

    2. Bitcoin has always gone up more than it dropped in the long-run. so, it is very likely that it will keep going up in the long-run. When in doubt, zoom out and look at the historical charts.

    3. To invest in Bitcoin it is not necessary to buy a whole Bitcoin. You can buy parts of a Bitcoin. You can invest as little as $1 in it. Ex: 0.0001 BTC, 0.01 BTC, 0.10 BTC, ens.

    4. A Bitcoin halving is coming in 2020. When a Bitcoin halving occurs, rewards for Bitcoin miners are cut in half. This means it is twice as hard to mine a Bitcoin. These halvings occur every four years. At some point it will be near impossible to obtain a Bitcoin by mining and eventually impossible.

    5. A billionaire named Tim Draper bought 30,000 Bitcoins for $600 each in 2014 and still owns them. He predicts that in 2020 Bitcoin will be $50,000, and somewhere from 2022 – Q1 of 2023, the Bitcoin price will be $250,000. He correctly predicted that Bitcoin would be $10,000 in 2018. so, he may be correct about these predictions as well.

    6. Several people this year have sold their houses and/or took out their life savings to go all in Bitcoin. Think about these people the next time you decide to sell your Bitcoin. If you hold your Bitcoin, you are also holding for them. I do not recommend that others do what they did unless they can really afford to do it, but think, if they made such a bold decision they must be very confident in where Bitcoin is going.

    7. The Bitcoin price fluctuates a lot. If can easily drop $1000 in a day and go up $1000 the next day. One of the most common mistakes new Bitcoin investors make is selling during one of these drops. tans, Bitcoin has the highest returns compared to any investment out there. Experienced investors know that Bitcoin has only ever risen more than it dropped in the long-run, so even if there is a big drop they know the big rises will more than make up for it.

    Unless you are a trader, there are very few reasons to sell Bitcoin and many reasons to buy more. So I came up with a code that every long-term Bitcoin investor must follow:

    It works like this. Every now and then I sell some Bitcoin but I never touch half of my Bitcoin just in case Bitcoin goes to $100,000 of meer. I believe this strategy should be used by everyone. By doing this, everyone benefits. Everyone has a chance to profit and at the same time the market doesn’t get ruined. Byvoorbeeld, if you have 10 Bitcoin, keep half or at least one because you never know if just one Bitcoin will go insanely high; but don’t sell ALL of it. So The Bitcoin Code is simple; NEVER SELL ALL OF YOUR BITCOIN. And if possible, hold your Bitcoin forever. onthou: to be a follower of The Bitcoin Code, you must vow to never sell all of your Bitcoin and swear by it. But the most hardcore followers of the code will hold forever.
    Later, I will make a website where people can verify and prove that they followed the code. All those who followed the code will be on a wall of fame on this website.
    The more people that spread this info and code, the better the chance Bitcoin has of doing well in the long-run. Include it in your website comments, blogs, twitter messages, forum signatures, writings, texts, and real-life conversations. Spread the message.

  8. First point, the whales would always manipulate bitcoin so holding on for future would definitely be a disappointment. Secondly, you will never be able to invest at the very bottom of the fall because you are definitely going to miss it, what any smart investor should do is accumulate now and find a working system to use in expanding that portfolio over and over again until the bull run. I got 5 more BTC last month and now, with Ronald Abassid’s signals and strategy, i have grown that to 11 BTC already and i intend adding another 3 BTC every other month and growing them so with this strategy, when bitcoin value eventually start skyrocketing, i would have had a very good stock in my portfolio. It is common knowledge that Ronald Abassid’s signals and trade strategy are some of the best and speaking with him for the first time 2 months ago gave me a clearer understanding of how to make money and propelled me into this system of his that has really helped me in growing my portfolio. Feel free to contact Mr Ronald for assistance, reach on Email ronaldabassid@gmailcom

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