People Like GEORGE SOROS And Other BILLIONAIRES Are About To Get Into Bitcoin, And Here’s Why

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People Like GEORGE SOROS And Other BILLIONAIRES Are About To Get Into Bitcoin, And Here’s Why


Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

25 kommentaar

  1. * I know the price will run up more,Dan as dit gaan hoër, All we need to do is invest what we’re hodling and make more profit, Sodat ons nie voel die verlore in die herfs van die prys wanneer dit weer gebeur, The increase in bitcoin has been making waves lately, I am happier than ever having invested in it this time. Did not have much faith in Bitcoin, until I met with Elizabeth Wood in person, who teach young traders how to increase their portfolio and the comments from different users convinced me to contact her, I was overwhelmed with her strategy, she turned my 3BTC to *10BTC in 3 weeks with no risk and I was so amazed. If you looking for the best way to double your investment with no risk of losing, you can reach out to her on **Telegram: @Elizabethwood1 **mail: *Elizwoo657@gmail. com *

  2. That is the first time I have heard the distinction between what is a security token and what is a utility token. Nice work!

  3. Elizabeth is a pundit in trading, I remember the first time we met she told me she was going to recover all i’ve lost and make more profit,her strategy has helped me a lot.

  4. it’s amazing to know that she’s help a lot of people, I’ll be contacting her immediately, i really need to learn how to trade and earn, Dankie

  5. Well, I am NOT a bot, and I would not contact Elizabeth Wood if you paid me. “Sheis probably aheand likely lives in Nigeria working the professional circuit there. I also ain’t paying 2 BTC for registration to get a $25 million windfall some lost aunt from 36 generations back reportedly left me. Lizy can go take a running jump!

  6. oh no the crappy scan effect is back. also GS needs to be put in Gitmo for the rest of his disgusting life

  7. Buy now before markets really start collapsing. Stock market and real etstate are beginning panic mode.

  8. Xrp Sold Out 😁will the US government own Xrp 😁how many exchanges already own a billion xrp 😁

  9. Soros has been in Bitcoin for the longest while. No doubt all his buddies are billionaires so it’s a given they will follow the pied piper.

  10. Listen , I’m a Bitcoin fan, but reporting that George Soros is getting into Bitcoin is not a good thing. He is an evil man. He’s actually already been in Bitcoin for quite some time.

  11. W4sabiNinja :Xrp Sold Out 😁they can’t make any more original Xrp..its not like fiat currencies.. it will sell out in December.. but you can still buy Xrp from exchanges, brokers, dealers .. you will just pay way more than you will now..😁world demand will drive the price to insanity 😁the xrp gold rush will start in November when BAKKT opens for trade 😁exchanges are buying a billion Xrp at a long do you think supply will last😁you will be able to buy pieces of Xrp.. and in the near future the average person cannot afford to own one whole Xrp😁

  12. If you think these people are about to get into cryptocurrency you’re grossly misinformed these people are already in cryptocurrency! I don’t care what they are saying publicly they are already in!

  13. Thank you these people see the future! Not saying bitcoin is the future over altcoins just saying digital asset are!

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