Origin ProtocolThe Future will be Shared

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Matthew Liu co-founder of Origin Protocol and I discuss the sharing economy, what are the problems with the existing players, how decentralized systems our going to shake up business, Origin's exciting partners and much more.
Check it out – https://www.originprotocol.com/
onmin – https://discordapp.com/invite/jyxpUSe
telegram – https://t.me/originprotocol
Twitter – https://twitter.com/originprotocol

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Origin ProtocolThe Future will be Shared


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35 kommentaar

  1. super cool!! good interview you made here with Origin and Protocol, very informative and its neat how you are able to connect to people like this, sincerely a loyal fan , look to your next project!

  2. exciting times. The tech that is brewing under the surface is next level. Thanks dude for talking about cryptos (generalized platforms will rule the world).

  3. Not just dud talking about cryptoon the internet. An intuitively perceptive dude updating us laymen of the crypto space breakthroughson the legacy worldwideweb. 🤣 Aveo!

  4. Amazing project. The bounties have really built the community almost overnight. Thanks for answering our questions Matthew.

  5. Can’t wait to see the end product, even more enthusiastic about it after talking to Matthew

  6. His going to use xrp. This is a fake crypto Company old World come in the New World

  7. Gday I watch every thing you have and seriously put you channel onto any body asking about crypto.I have a question tho were should i go or wahat platform should i join to gt the ico before it hits the like of Binance.Also is there a time in the future your coming over to Australia. Thanks mate.

  8. Hey Mr Lark, are you interested in investigating the ‘blockcollider’, seems like a ambitious project. Would be great to see you cover it.

  9. Just mentioned this in Origin’s telegram channel. Keep up the good Work Lark!! 👍👌😊

  10. This dude is a little too buzzwordy to trust fully. This dude is a walking cliched white paper. How do you differentiate yourself from blatant trendy cash grab and really acting on sentiment of satoshi. They haven’t failed enough in their speaking to know they have a real product. I hope I’m wrong. Don’t mean to judge . I reserve the right to be wrong and disproven. This is a white paper ICO/presale

  11. Hey! They are still working on the token sale details, so just join up to their social feeds and stay tuned ! Ja, I will indeed be visiting Australia again one of these days, really hoping for this year.

  12. Yeah wtf, especially since OriginTrail is a supply chain PROTOCOL. This is just ridiculous.

  13. Thats brilliant mate i am very grateful for all your input and positive no Rot vibe. Dankie

  14. Rob Frizzell this comment makes no sense unless you are comparing the namescompletely different projects, with completely different purposes, apples vs oranges..

  15. We’ve never done bounties. 🙂 Really fortunate to have so much community support for what we’re working on.

  16. Just wondering, if the crypto economy expands to a multi trillion dollar market cap, would it then be less manipulatable and then, more stable price wise? I’d be interested to hear what Origin think of the future in this case.

  17. A bigger market will likely lead to less volatility, but it needs to be way bigger. All the people over at Ethereum are working round the clock on how to scale, just a matter of time in my mind

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