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In hierdie video, Mattie talks about Mike Novogratz's bitcoin price prediction. He also talks about the most important news from last week. Dit is 'n daaglikse segment.
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Newsflash: Dit was die nuus

VS. Congressman Wants to Make Life Easier for the Crypto Community

Emmer Spearheads Groundbreaking Legislation to Support Blockchain Technology and Digital Currencies

Reps. Emmer, Foster Announced as Co-Chairs of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus

Billionaire Novogratz: Impossible For Bitcoin Not to Hit $10,000 by the End of 2018

Hedge fund titan Mike Novogratz sees a 30% bitcoin rally by year-end

Hedge fund titan Mike Novogratz sees a 30% bitcoin rally by year-end

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Mike Novogratz's Bitcoin Price Prediction + NewsflashToday's Crypto News

32 kommentaar

  1. Invest in Fantasy Gold (FGC), Die #1 Coin for Fantasy Sports and eSports. Low market cap and easily bought with Fiat.

  2. Mike novogratz is desperated because his company is 150 mil negative, If the price drops to 5,5 k, he will be forced to panic sell

  3. Do you guys have a view on stable coins? I am interested in those backed by commodities. ook, I am hearing good things about security tokens and a platform called Desico. Apparently they are backed by the Lithuanian Bank. Would be great to get your view on these 2 things.

  4. I did too john actually buying that security token to be honest with you. Saw it on Forbes and Nasdaq .

  5. predictions charts graphs all this doesnt mean a thing if you cant deliver to people what you are saying.people want to make money not have it stolen or lose money and that is all that has happened so far.some people will believe the crap and most people wont and this is fact WITH AS LONG AS CRYPTO HAS BEEN OUT WHERE IT WAS WHERE IT WENT AND WHERE IT IS NOW IS NOT AN IMPRESSIVE RECORD that and the fact i dont see millionares going in with 90 percent of their money why is that not happening if you get wealthy fast?people when you invest your money beware there are thieves out there some people will try to make this an honest investment others are waiting to steal your money and that is fact.

  6. If it’s not 10K by the end of the year, I can lump Novogratz together with McAfee as men to never trust again.

  7. What about a video on Byteball? Smart contracts end users can read and write, not just developers. With Ethereum end users need to trust the developers code

  8. Dude , you should be looking at APOLLO, this coin will explode soon , just needs volume, just a great project

  9. john kenny DESICO is the first platform to issue and trade security tokens in full compliance with the law. Def worth having a look at them 👍

  10. Short, sweet, and to the point. I can’t say 100% that BTC will reach 10k by the end of the year but in comparison to last year we are on track and we have been having healthy volume pump back into the market over this last month. I think it’s highly probable but we’ll all just have to wait and see 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. 10K has insane resistance, we shot all the way from 6,600 om 9,990 in may then staled right before 10k and crashed back down. For 10k there needs to be a Huge push.

  12. Sounds like you watch tone vays XD I heard him say that too, and Tone must be right. Id rather trust him then the news

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