Microsoft Backs Items with Enjin coin | Digibyte Fires At Poloniex | Crypto.Com Exchange Syndicate

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Tech Giant Microsoft Validates Enjin coin's Technology, Launches Azure Heroes backed by ENJ
Microsoft Joins Crypto – “Azure Heroes” will reward players with Enjin backed Non-fungible Tokens. Developer Relations Team Microsoft Maxim Salnikov speaks about Microsoft Azure Heroes using Enjin.

Circle Buys Poloniex, then sells it to Justin Sun of Tron, US accounts are closed, delists Digibyte
. Digibyte DGB gets delisted from Poloniex for Twitter Opinion
. How it started, with Jared Tate is The Founder of Digibyte. Poloniex Reacted by saying they will delist Digibyte DGB
and Chief Fun Officer of DigiByte Josiah Spackman responds to Poloniex
. Intussen, Justin Sun Tweets how great Tron TRX is
. Circle Warns Poloniex US Customer Assets May Be Sent to the Government

The Syndicate Premieres with EOS Exchange to list EOS with a 500,000 USD allocation at 50% OFF for CRO stakers.


Microsoft Validates Enjin’s Tech, Launches Azure Heroes

Microsoft Joins Crypto – “Azure Heroeswill reward players with Enjin backed Non-fungible Tokens
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Microsoft Backs Items with Enjin coin | Digibyte Fires At Poloniex | Crypto.Com Exchange Syndicate

19 kommentaar

  1. You(we) did it!. Altcoin Buzz are pros!!!! Thanks for the Enj tip a few weeks ago. Because of it, I added to my position!!!!!

  2. Microsoft items are backed by ENJ token using the erc1155 protocol. The pump is not Microsoft buying it but validating the enjin technology for other game developers and reward programs.

  3. Enjin news is super bullish! Blockchain on the next Xbox consolewho knows
    Mainstream adoption is getting huge, Sylo’s news yesterday shows how far we’ve come with the use of DApps in payments via instant messaging.

  4. @Altcoin Buzz I listen to every podcast. You are all very professional and the news is first rate. Thanks again and keep it up!

  5. justin sun is beyond a joke. personally i would not buy trx seems like he is very dodgy person. In other hand wish dgb had someone else instead of Jared as it seems he argue with everyone. shame all this stupid arguments only affect one of the best crypto dgb.

  6. As a private company, Poloniex likely had the legal right to terminate DGB’s listing. maar, just because you have the right to do something, doesn’t mean you should do it. Poloniex’s move is a knee-jerk reaction to harsh criticism, and it makes Poloniex look juvenile and poorly managed, at best.

  7. Great update guys, been holding enj for a while now, I think these guys are smashing it and will do great things in the future. Great to see awesome, usable tech getting adopted and vindicated! Any more Altcoins buzz NFT on the horizon……….?😄👍

  8. Enjin is doing incredible workpartnerships now with both Samsung and Microsoft! Clearly a top 10 coin soon enough.

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