Lisk (LSK) RebrandingWill Lisk Be A Top 10 Altcoin in Crypto 2018?

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The rebranding of cryptocurrencies or altcoins is a popular way to increase the interest for a specific project. Tomorrow it is time for Lisk (LSK) to have a rebranding event. For Lisk, this is an important event that might determine the future of the project. According to their rebranding announcement, we can expect a new brand identity for Lisk and perhaps even the publication of their SDK. In hierdie video, you will learn everything you need to know for tomorrow’s event.


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Lisk (LSK) RebrandingWill Lisk Be A Top 10 Altcoin in Crypto 2018?


Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

38 kommentaar

  1. I’ve been holding LSK for a while now….hopefully this rebranding will be a success!! Good video 🙂

  2. Should make videos like this at the end of the monthI was waiting to buy just before the rebrandingnow im going to have to pay morelol good review none the less

  3. 11.5 minutes long, but I did not learn anything about there rebranding/relaunching. Perhaps one can only speculate what is discussed tomorrow.

  4. One of the most solid coins on the market, going to be one of the go to platforms. Get ready Liskers – Top 10? Easy!! Apart from Ethereum, all the other platforms on top of them are overhyped, Lisk is what businesses will run to.

  5. Digiclear 333 Safex is the first project that will adapt decentralized market. You shld follow Safex. They were just added in Next exchange along side trade satoshi. They are still in the alpha stage but the project has huge potentials. It will make a lot of people RICH! 🇺🇸👍

  6. Hi Altcoin!! Nice video! wow, Lisk is rebranding? great I am following Lisk from the beginning ad they work very hard! Privacy coins are the other projects I follow. DeepOnion, this privacy coin has a progressive big team and the devs work very hard as well, I would like to see more videos from you about these coins.

  7. A new wallet and explorer will be unveiled tomorrow
    Lisk Academy will be unveiled tomorrow
    A new website will be unveiled tomorrow
    CEO will talk about vision and goals for Lisk
    There will be a panel discussion
    Core 1.0.0, LiskJS 1.0.0, and Lisky 1.0.0 are feature complete, which will be discuss
    P.s. I got this from a comment from Lisk reddit.

  8. Raja Mukherjee Yup bittrex considered it security but its not. Currently in trade satoshi and next exchange. Dan Dabek can explain more. You shld follow Safex as well. Its a great project. Its being overlooked at the moment but in the next two months you’ll see. 👍🇺🇸

  9. A very solid project and one of my best coins

    Maar, they need to release at least a glance at Core 1.0 and give an update of SDK at this conference rebrand. Core 1.0 was supposed to released Novemberit will inspire confidence because they have been slow. ek stem saam 100 percent with this analysis.

  10. Core 1.0.0, LiskJS 1.0.0, and Lisky 1.0.0 are feature complete, which will be discuss.

    If it is just going to be “bespreek” with no visual or demonstration, this will be yet another missed opportunity by LISK. They need a PR firmthis project should be in the top 10but top 10 have finished projects for the most part, or at least an alpha. There are many releases of blockchain 2.0 en 3.0 coming on SOON. Time is on the essence

    I hope to see an updated roadmap and a visual on the projects.

  11. Stuart H I only copied this from another comment. I would be surprised if Lisk HQ didn’t show a demonstration or something similar. But we’ll just have to wait till tommorow.

  12. Its a solid Coin for sure, but don’t jump in for short term gains, as its already priced in for the Rebrand event, and would dip at least 8$ if the event is not impressive !

  13. Ace Stojevski says I do research bro!
    Everyone thinks saying that they do research gives them unparalleled credibility. When you’re really just feeding your ego.
    Like your the only one who knows who to read, analyze, and interpret. You are presenting YOUR opinion. That’s it. Oh btw, dual medical PhDs here. I know how to read and delineate information.

  14. You can throw those PhDs at me all you want, they mean nothing when it comes to what we’re talking about & I never said you couldn’t read dude, take it easy.. there are plenty Neo & EOS fans that come to these Lisk related videos & spread rubbish. I didn’t insult your intelligence BUT if you’re saying you’ve done your research, you should know that WAN/ICX/LSK/DRGN are going to be very powerful/stable/flexible platforms. In elk geval, like I said, good lookI want all great cryptos to do well. Catch.

  15. Ace Stojevski Dude, I can tell you know what you’re talking about. Sometimes I try to have too much fun. They’ll all do well the next 3 jaar. Then it’s all about positioning with the right people and hard work. I’ve actually enjoyed this debate. Was fun. I wish I actually knew people around me in crytpo so we could have some good conversation. I own Lisk as well btw.

  16. Josh O Haha awesome, I like these debates too. Agreed, as long as we’re in projects with solid teams/visions, we’ll be in a great place in the near future. Catch!

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