Ledger Nano TutorialEssential Bitcoin SecurityCryptocurrency ExplainedFree Course

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In this video I give a detailed tutorial on how to set up a Ledger Nano X and use it store and send Bitcoin. Get your Ledger here – https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/6877

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GROOTBOEK NANO https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/6877
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Alles hier uitgespreek is my mening en nie amptelike beleggingsadvies – asseblief doen jou eie navorsing voordat gevaar vir jou eie geld.

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Dankie vir jou kyk; asseblief graag, skryf, en deel as jy dit nuttig gevind!

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Ledger Nano TutorialEssential Bitcoin SecurityCryptocurrency ExplainedFree Course


Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

33 kommentaar

  1. Nice job on these! THANK u for this one- I bought nano last yr and have been a nerves wreck to use it so I have not yet!!!

  2. Give it a try, they are really great, maybe send just a little crypto at first so you can feel comfortable with it?

  3. Great video. What do you think about paper wallets for keeping long term (bv 5 jaar)? Wouldn’t you agree it is also safe?

  4. thanks again & my full respect Lark, for all the hard work, you put into it, you are a real pioneer!!

  5. What makes Ledger your goto wallet. Nano S, quite unfriendly due to frequently buggy apps, firmware too frequently bricks your device and is often had for aveage users to install, services are regularly offline and the device only simultaneously can use 6 apps at one time ( yes I have the latest firmware) and yes I know X will allow for up to 100 apps. 1MB to 2MB is still a joke, not to mention in recent times they are now manufactured in china. Just touching on security, they should not allow for simple pins such as 7777. I love your channel and China, but I prefer the consistent reliability to Trezor. Keep up the good work

  6. Excuse the newbie question. I want to move some of my bitcoin from my original ledger to a new ledger but can’t wrap my head around using my laptop to move it (2 nanos, 1 computer). I eventually did it by setting up a second wallet icon on the wife’s computer. Also I’m having a hard time with ledger live. Keeps telling me i have too many apps on my brand new nano s. And thanks Lark for sharing your knowledge.

  7. It shouldn’t be, remember you do not have to open your ledger to send it to your Stellar address

  8. Well, you can always just use your seed phrase to install your wallets on the new device. Are you specifically trying to move away from your old addresses? But all that you should need is the deposit address for your new wallet on your new device, you don’t need to have the device connected to receive.

    The Nano S has a smaller amount of memory, you can just uninstall any app and reinstall it lateryour keys are not erased

  9. Thanks for the reply Lark. I am just spreading the bitcoin around on different devices; one for the kids, ens. I understand how to do it now, I’m pretty sure. Thought they both had to be hooked up. I will give ledger live another shot too. Due to too much fun in the 1970’s, the synapses don’t always fire properly.

  10. Dude! I’m subscribed but what an obnoxious thing to do?!? Take over my fees with TWENTY TWO VIDS! Really? Each to their own but for me this is extremely annoying.

  11. Are we able to add any ERC 20 token to the nano S? And I’m wondering if it’s through MEW is that the only choice because I’ve been hacked using MEW before. Also I’ve had my nano S just sitting here for 1 year unopened is there a way to detect if it’s been compromised I remember there was a hack going around last year.

  12. Ja, you can add any ERC20 using MEW

    To prevent being hacked use a hardware wallet, it does not expose your private keys for hackers to steal, so even if you are on a malicious site they cannot steal your crypto. Also important to note that when using the hardware wallet no hacker can extract crypto as you require having the physical device in hand. Also using metamask with a ledger is a great extra step as Metamask will warn you that you are on a malicious site.

    Did you buy your ledger from the official store? If so it should be fine.
    When setting up a new ledger part of the process is actually a device verification so you can be sure it is genuine.

  13. Well, the ledger is constantly making new Bitcoin addresses for me, I would imagine it would be similar with Litecoin, but have only ever sent to one address there

  14. I have a ledger but thier Live interface exposes you to internet especially during firmware update I don’t trust it anymore. Best Hardware Wallet is the wallet that does not even connect or need to see a pc like coldcardwallet IMO

  15. If trezor is you second favourite can you add a trezor tutorial to this series. As I’m going to get my family to watch this series just in case something happens to me and hopefully my small portifolo grows in the next ten years.

  16. Well, you two, and the nearly 300 people who have unsubscribed from my channel in the last 9 hours 🙁

  17. Great detailed tutorial and info, Lark, thanks. Thumbs up for Ledger. Looking forward to the day Cardano wallet is available on Ledger!

  18. Remember as Lark says at 15:00, with Ledger Nano X, and other hardware wallets that you’re only as safe as your recovery phrase so remember to save it in 2 different geographic locations (or maybe 4 locations with half of each phrase at each), preferably on metal or some waterproof/fireproof material.

  19. Haha, yeah, one of these days soon, we talked about it on the Cardano effect with one of the Cardano devs,

  20. Nano, but the miners on any given chain will charge a feeonce you have boguht the hardware device there are no additional fees from the company

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