LATokenAn Undervalued Gem?

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LAToken is a quickly emerging cryptocurrency with a very low market cap, and tons of room to grow. With the successful launch of their Asset trading platform, things like cryptocurrencies, kommoditeite, works of art, and real estate can be bought and sold by users.

One of the newest features to be added to the LAToken platform is the support for upcoming ICOs. New ICOs will be able to add their projects to the token exchange and have the 40,000+ growing community of users contribute to the projects.

LAtoken is listing selected ICOs on its Platform to help them get additional liquidity. Listed projects can get contributions directly on LAToken Platform from 40k+ users and 800k+ website visitors, use LAToken KYC and Wallet/payment infrastructure, and participate at LAToken Conferences and Meetups with top blockchain investors around the world.

LAToken is also hosting the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore on February 4-6, 2018 and will be bringing together more than 1,000 key players from the blockchain industry from across many of the existing verticals.

At Altcoin Buzz we are strictly operating off of opinion and our own personal hype, we are not professional financial advisors and you should always do your own research.

LATokenAn Undervalued Gem?


Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

49 kommentaar

  1. I’ll keep an eye on the price in the coming daysjust to see if ALtCoin Buzz really does play a big hand in the market like people are assuming!

  2. Yes men, I hear the voice of Jeff I hit the like button. But this guy here is pitching us pink sheets and expecting us to bet the farm, what a cheeky kunt this Steve is.

  3. Thanks for the great share guys! You’re video’s are much appreciated. weer, everyone should be doing their own research but you are selling me hard on LAToken!

  4. Looks legit to me, they active platform, and hosting the Blockchain Forum in Singapore is only going to boost their visibility and cred, once ICO’s start listing its game on.

  5. Clemens Wittmann I would love to invest in a coin like this,are you pretty confident it might be the standout in coins like this related to gambling,i mean how much research have you done?Thanks for your time.

  6. guys think about how much money whales have vs how much money literally all of his subs have combinedits not even close lol

  7. ek stem saam, its a great and potentially useful concept if implemented, but do they have anything concrete to point to? I haven’t done much research on them myself.

  8. altcoin buzz is moving the market …. i went to buy some on latokens site and they are having problems according to the support person because all of a sudden they had a huge wave of new customers. I love the concept though with such a huge team the actual platform feels like it’s been outsourced.

  9. I personally believe that this will be the coin to stand out as not only is the team behind it extremely motivated and connected throughout the gambling industry but also do they already have a working prototype running showing that it is not only an idea. I would still advise you to research extensively yourself if you are thinking of investing in this coin!

  10. NastyNik009 who says there are no whales watching altcoin buzz videoslook at the marketcap you are already a whale when you invest half a million in it which I am pretty sure some of the subs here can afford to invest

  11. if you use their site you’ll know why this smells like advertising. I had the same thought after spending a bunch of time on Latokens site and transfer crypto and trying to buy their coin. It was a really bad experience. This project may get a pump because they’re promising the ultimate in what crypto can deliver when it comes to tokenization though I predict that in 2 years Latoken will be out of business. They are spending more time in conferences and with a huge team behind them their platform completely sucks. Its barely usable on a pc and completely useless on a mobile. They’re promising a lot and car barely deliver on the basics of a wallet that works.

  12. K Freeze 15 dollar coin. This coin will change the world. It truly is a sleeping giant! Jokes asideI’m liking it and have taken out a small investment.

  13. We have fixed the issue you’re talking about in a few hours. In order to prevent similar situation from happening in the future we’re ex[anding the team now, so that we will be able to able technical challenges even faster.

  14. Game Bang Try not to get too stressed about it, we have to learn to be more careful, they don’t call it the Wild West for nothing…. triple check before you do anything. Good luck x

  15. Thank you for your advise. But I’ve send a ticket support for HiBTC demanding to cancel my order (It is not normal not to be able to sell thisPRE”). I will let you know the answer of support.

  16. I live in Pheonix. Steve, have you een the bacon called FUD I saw that and started laughing in the store. People thought I was crazy.

  17. this exchange plays with his clients….
    i had couple Tickets with them and now they block withdrawl witout reason……
    i have 2fa enabled mail and phone verify…..
    so maybe someone can tell me why they need more security check?
    play with clients

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