Is Wall Street Breaking Up With Crypto?

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Bitcoin and Wall Street breaking up already? Bloomberg seems to think so. Just what is happening with crypto and Wall Street?

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Is Wall Street Breaking Up With Crypto?

34 kommentaar

  1. It’s amazing that crypto-pro individuals want the samecentralized organizationsto infect the very technology and sector that is supposed to supplant them.

  2. Bloomberg is mostly fake news. Their owners want to manipulate the market, as always.
    Steeds, it looks like we might have another 2015 on our hands next year. That’s ok. I’ve been through it before. I cashed in some of those 2015 bitcoins to payoff my house last year. I regret doing it of course since I cashed in at 900 en 1100 but it’s not a total loss, I am grateful to have a paid off house. Now I’ll just do what I always do. I keep my spending low and harvest some of my surplus income to buy some bitcoin every payday and accumulate while it’s cheap. No way can I out smart this market so I don’t even try. Dollar cost averaging should eventually get me where i want to go but if I tried to trade, pitting my abilities against the best crypto traders in the world, I’d be wrecked.

  3. Imagine if we simply ‘bakktourselves again!….. Look where we managed to get to this time last year….. I could be wrong, however I thought the point of this entire revolution was ‘notrelying on the institutions…. What happened? Why the change of direction from our communities…?!

  4. ja, Bloomberg is crazy. I would be totally cool with another year of down markets, time to accumulate

  5. Nice perspectives.
    dit gesê, I think the comparison by figures-only between Cryptos and Stock markets are often misleading.

    The scope for each market gives an interesting take:
    World’s financial assets (before January 2018) were worth about 300Trillions = 7+ asset classes (i.e equities/stocks, Bonds/fixed incomes, kontant, Commodities, Real Estate, Artworks, collectibles, ens).
    Cryptos: Less than 1 Trillion = 0.003%
    Global stockmarkets: About 70 Trillions = 23%

    The size of each market and their recent losses gives more details:
    Cryptos: at its highest (before January 2018) was worth 820B -> 170B now (-80%).
    Global stockmarkets: at its highest (before June 2018) was worth 70T -> 53T now (-25%).

    When you look at the figures of each market with respect to the other, you can see a much different picture:
    Cryptos: – 650B (= The original size of Google on the global marketcap) in 12 maande.
    Global marketcap: – 17T ( = No comparative currently available) in 6 maande.

    When you look at the social/economical/political ramifications, you get another perspective:
    Cryptos: BCash hashwars, crypto mining slowdown and reconversion, 1-5 maatskappye’ “lay offs”, a bunch of amateurs traders and developers forced to drop their startup/Lambo-moon dreams to go back to their freelance/day-jobs.
    Global stockmarkets: Gilets jaunes strikes, Brexit confrontations, trade wars, economic sanctions, currency devaluations, political tensions, ens.

    I say, the cryptospace looks rather placid, compared to the drama at play in the stockmarket.
    BTC = safu. 🙂

  6. I don’t think this is normal ebs and flows of the marketschinas making some major moves which may sink the US dollar.

  7. Yeah I get tired of people saying we need the Institutional money to come in. From what I understand as well it would slow down and remove a lot of the volatility and market won’t make as many big gains like the current stock market

  8. SEC is worried that price influencing in the market of bitcoin can’t be regulated like in traditional markets with measures backed by govt weapons and surveillance. Since Bitcoin is outside this scope, it is only logical that there won’t be permission from the govt end as far as the nation state is concerned.

  9. @Mitchell It appears crypto-pros (you mean big players, reg) want to enjoy the same protections as they do in traditional markets. It’s making their risks go lower. That’s why I feel it is so very important that Bitcoin helps flatten the playing field to provide access to this system resource for everyone. Don’t let the big guys get hold of too many bitcoins, in order to have a far more fair distribution than we have been having in fiduciary resource systems.

  10. Iam just chillin accumulating(once a month lol when i get lil monies lol),hope we stay at these prices and go lower in 2019 🙂 Iam in no hurry,or am I? (asking self)

  11. I concur! Maybe it’ll be a gradual rise. Many investors and /or their investment managers are lazy. They’ll just portion part of their money and let it sit, long term, just like what’s done with mutual funds.

  12. Don’t leave us Jamie dimon bahaha !!! 😂 😂 😂, It seems as if wall Street is working a little bit too hard on detouring us from buying crypto, 💭🤔

  13. I feel people are wanting Wall Street to enter the market solely based on the potential of institutional money that could flood the market and raise the MKT cap. This would be really nice for the wallet. Maar, I also think crypto can continue to grow without Wall Street, just at a much slower rate monetarily. Hoe dit ook al, I think Wall Street will get involved at some point. How early they do will depict on how muchcontrolthey can influence on the market. Just my 2 sent…

  14. BTC is worthless. It’s only value is in transferring value, and it’s worse at doing that then a bank account. As a store of value, it fucking sucks, it’s the most volatile thing in the financial landscape.

    We need to focus on cryptocurrency adoption, and unlike BTC, Bitcoin Cash is actually a good candidate for that.

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