Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Price WILL GROW Over The Next Week!

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Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Price WILL GROW Over The Next Week!

30 kommentaar

  1. If you follow the stats looking at the consensuss last three years it had little impact? it was the weeks that followed ? but still love your imput.

  2. You have some clueless people here commenting thinking they know the market only after being involved for 3 months lol

  3. Chris Dunkley you are right sir. they are hyping up this event too much with false hopes

  4. Looking at BTC’s price over the last 3 jaar, Consensus had zero impact on the price of Bitcoin. The last 2 events were held when BTC was already in a bull marketConsensus simply rode the wave up. I hope what you say is going to eventuate.

  5. Buy and hold or mine and hold and you’ll do very well in the next couple of years. Bitcoin has an excellent track record for Huge Gains

  6. It would make sense a few weeks after consensus things would pick up.. not as its taking place.

  7. at first, I believed you were not kidding and I liked your post just for kidding.

  8. Silver Jaguar yeah he’s just repeating the same thing other YouTubers are saying. Nothing unique here, and barely any research done. Moving on.

  9. I wouldn’t want to be part of any Army that would have me as a member.

  10. Community can be so impatient. Go watch the stock market for a few years and come back. dan, I think people would have a better perspective on how lucky we are to be in such an exciting market.We are so early still lets enjoy the ride up down and back up.

  11. Bitcoin/Crypto is the biggest scam. Invest in Stocks or Forex. Crypto is Gambling not Trading…!!!!!!

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