Experty ICO ReviewKnowledge Sharing on the Blockchain

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Experty ICO is creating the Uber of knowledge sharing. This can be a powerful addition to the blockchain eco-system.
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Experty ICO ReviewKnowledge Sharing on the Blockchain

28 kommentaar

  1. Love it! Knowledge is Power & Sharing is Caring. The use cases are endless, any consultant could adopt this! I witnessed the rise of the disrupting technology that WebRTC is (calling from any browser instead of a softphone) while working as a UC&C consultant. Really excited about this project! Thanks for this great review!

  2. Dude….I’m just bearish on bitcoin right nowIf any of the big hedge funds get a long-term perspective of bitcoin they can basically get it for a fourth of the current value if not lesser …. That’s what I’m worried about since cme futures will launch on the 18th…. It’s a possibilitySo I’m into alts for now. What’s your perspective?

  3. Hi Lark, always feel nice listening to your ICO analyses. A humble request, can you please talk about IX Ledger Coin (IXT) in one of your sessions? Thanks in advance.

  4. This does seem like a good idea. Although. Reminds me of Authorship. 😀 😀 😀 😀 Ya’ll know what happened to that train.

  5. They will be signing up the expert Dr in India and the Lawyer fresh out of school who’s advertising on Craigslist

  6. The picture of you talking to Obumber was so funny. Were you asking him about healthcare or just about how to wreck the economy in general?

  7. One important thing to mention, not sure if I missed it, but there is a disclaimer that statesSales of EXPERTY are not open to U.S. citizens. Feel free to correct me if I am misunderstanding something.

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