Ethereum 2.0 | Bigger than Bitcoin? | ETH DeFi, privaatheid, Interoperability, dApps

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Bitcoin was the first-ever cryptocurrency, and the disruptive technology led to the emergence of an entirely new asset class. But while Bitcoin was indeed the first, many of the crypto assets that have come after have been specifically designed to solve many of the problems of the Bitcoin protocol or to expand on what cryptocurrencies are capable of.

Ethereum was among the first attempts to build a platform for smart contracts that relies on a native crypto asset – Ether – to power it. And now 359+ Ethereum-Based Projects, Including Mega Corps Not Funded By Consensys or Ethereum Foundation. Among the list of companies building on it are heavy hitters and well-known brands like Nike, Barclays, TD Ameritrade, FedEx, Microsoft, Intel, Ubisoft, Amazon, American Express, Samsung, McDonald’s, and many many more.

As we close out 2019 and look to 2020, we look back at the successes and developments in the Dapp space — courtesy of DappRadar.
We discuss the statistics of the top Dapp blockchains including Ethereum, EOS and Tron.


oor 359 Companies Are Building The Future On Ethereum

Ethereum’s DeFi Thrives in Bear and Bull Crypto Markets

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Is Ethereum Technology UnderValued?

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Ethereum 2.0 | Bigger than Bitcoin? | ETH DeFi, privaatheid, Interoperability, dApps

27 kommentaar

  1. I guess we’re always gonna see newer platforms that outperform/outlast previous ones. This is not to say that BTC will die out anytime soon. But I guess they serve different purposes too.
    I’m super keen to see where the likes of Algorand and Synthetix take the DeFi spaceboth being an ideal link between the traditional and new financial worlds.

  2. Ethereums’ prior high was an anomaly. It has an infinite supply at this point and is extremely overvalued.. I do believe if Ethereum 2.0 launches, with interoperability and higher TPS, value will be added.

  3. ⚠️Dump your ETH for ETC⚠️
    ETC has the same fondamentales than Bitcoin unlike ETH but has the same advantages hehehe

  4. I am one of the original listeners of Altcoin Buzz. Thanks for what you have added to this space over the years. I would love the Zeus starter kit.

  5. Can someone answer how come ethereum classic increase like 29% in the last 24hr? If it’s related to bitcoin increase price can I say that if bitcoin reaches 10k or more then we can expect a even greater increase in etherium classic?

  6. spot on. i also believe that if they do not enact 2,0 promptly then there is a greater opportunity for Eth’s so called ‘spot at the topto be quickly toppled by competitors.

  7. What i rly wsnt to kno is the difference between using Ethereum and building a private token on the Ethereum protocol, like JP Morgan. I dont consider jpmorgan part of the ETH network and neither does anyone else.

  8. Imagine the percentage of ETH locked-up in DeFi increasing by even half the same amount over the next year. Couple that with the major corporations utilizing Ethereum, the STO space, and all the developers. Unless they bungle 2.0, shouldn’t the price increase?

  9. Why is Ethereum Classic up 45% today and Ethereum only up 5%???
    Could this news b better for Eth’s little sister instead???

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