Environmental Crisis Heats Up, Can We Use Blockchain to Reverse the Tide?

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Christian from https://www.regen.network/ which is building on Cosmos and I discuss how we can heal our broken environment by leveraging the power of blockchain. Join the communityTelegram https://t.me/regennetwork_public Twitter https://twitter.com/regen_network Facebook https://www.facebook.com/weareregennetwork

bekendmaking: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, opname en plasing vir opvoedkundige doeleindes. Verder, Ek tans nie in hierdie projek belê, maar ag om dit te doen in die toekoms.

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Environmental Crisis Heats Up, Can We Use Blockchain to Reverse the Tide?

25 kommentaar

  1. What a GREAT cause! If my alt coins make me rich, I will buy land and re grow some soil! and probably sell it to china

  2. Earth is our Mother, we should protect our Mother with all our being. I appreciate the presentation, thank you, Lark. Blockchain has endless potential for each and every one.

  3. Sjoe, this is Awesome stuff! Go Regen! How can I help the cause. I’m a WISP. I could help get yourno-tillfarm locations online. Right on, yea, let’sout cooperatethe competition! 🙂 I like it! Ek”m in.

  4. I sense some serious mother earth audits on the horizon. Regen seems to be really focused on very important environmental issues. Thanks for the interview Lark and Christian.

  5. You’ve out done your self Crypto Lark. This is AWESOME GREAT INFO . Christian Great work !!

  6. Thank you Michael! Christian was a super interesting guest and the topic is so important right now

  7. I hate shilling my favourite coins.. but you are making it so difficult for me Lark by continuously emphasizing concerns that my favourite coins will address in a big way.. 😅
    Lark+ShareRing are a match made in heaven, i promise you!
    Please do a deep dive into it and interview the CEO/founder Tim Bos!

    ShareRing is very close to going live now and from day 1 will by far have the most TX om ethereum per month.( although that is easy atm)
    Starting at 1M TX per year but 1M TX per day are in the works. All TX are real paying customers in the Sharing economy; Businesses, cities and countries.
    ShareRing is going to be huge and is exactly what blockchain should be about. And WILL be a shining example for the entire space, mark my words.

  8. Best interview I’ve seen in a good while, on any channel. The noobs fomoing into crypto need to see the big picture and think beyond profits.

    Cardano’s Atala is also planning to do similar good work dealing with air pollution in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaan Batar.

  9. Good use of the space I hope them well. love using my Ecosia search engine , like if you are familiar 💪💚

  10. Sounds great and all but can somebody please explain to me why this needs to be on the blockchain?.. Could probably be done cheaper and more effectively with a server.

  11. God damnit Lark, nature is by most definitions the opposite of civilization and technology.

    Think about it like this: Are you part of nature (as a human) or a determined robot, a highly complex machine. If so, what is the point ofsavingthe environment if you are part of it anyway? If you are nature is a fantastic technology, so is my new SUV.

  12. Great interview and great to see blockchain being used for sustainable agriculture! Let’s take all this money we are making with crypto’s and help create a sustainable world.

  13. Hey lark I’m super happy to see your using MINDS.com again. I’m one of the bigger users over there and have some advice on how to get the most out of the platform if you ever want. Plus never purchase minds tokens, I will supply you with as many as you can use

  14. So glad to see you covered them LarkI sent you their info a few months back. Awesome to see this interview!

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