Disrupting Democracy With Crypto! Is Our Voting Future on the Blockchain? Agora

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Is the future of democracy on the blockchain? Agora https://www.agora.vote/ is working to disrupt the electoral process and take us into the digital age! Join Agora Telegram https://t.me/agorablockchain

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Disrupting Democracy With Crypto! Is Our Voting Future on the Blockchain? Agora

29 kommentaar

  1. Interested to see how bulletin board will work as a way to verify your vote. The mix of nodes and auditors is an interesting idea.

  2. Fantastic tech. I am thinking all Americans be converted to shareholders and share in profits. That would get someone elected.
    And decisions via will of the people can be seen in seconds possibly on a given subject. No guess the will of the people it’s right there real time via Agora or some such similar tech.
    If we actually ran this as a business then we all win. Interesting.

  3. always thought blockchain & voting would be a perfect match. i love the thought of being at home, in an office or at a concert for example and just taking yr phone out and casting a vote.

  4. The harbinger of change!
    Maybe it’s time to ditch the old political systems, inherently divisive, en, corruptable party structures for a more inclusive, collaborative way of getting things done.

    Imagine busting up govt to make way for multiple DAOs serving one another.

    I had a couple impression/visions while back that are making sense as the cryptoverse unfolds.

    Thanks for the enlightenment LarkAlways good to hear from you.

  5. MITX is listng on Binance DEX too and it is the only ‘goodcoin on Binance DEX imo, do get some while it’s still cheap 🙂

  6. Lol, saw the title, and remembered when I and a friend talked about the possibility for this. Through thought exercise we realized a country could go so far as to be made of smaller communities that have their own individual laws that pick up where fed leaves off. Allowing for more of a true state’s rights situation.

  7. Early adapters here are pretty special folks. I liken it to driving down a dark road. There’s a sudden burst of light that goes dark, just to the side of the road. Most people look and go hmm and keep driving. Early adapters backup and explore. Risky I know , but it’s paid off.

  8. I paused the video at 11:25 and thought to myself when is Lark gonna to saysorry American Citizens”. I will continue with the video as soon as I post this comment.

  9. this means that at the moment there an opportunity to roll outtrue democracy”.
    But it can only be rolled out by an undemocratic corporation.
    Is this a chance of real time direct democracy.

    If a country decides to go BTC democratic, then we can all move there . Economically at least. No borders, no banks no , or little taxes. Transparent. we get what you pay for.
    Work or you are a slave. A global services blockchain.
    we can decide what country we sighn up to. As long as you pay the subscription. On the blockchain.

  10. The common sense use case of voting on the blockchain is very clear. Very beneficial. Too many current systems are using outdated systems.

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  14. Like most new technologies it will take time to win the confidence of the public. While I am sure that blockchain based voting is the future, I am pretty certain that the public will demand paper ballot backups for the foreseeable future during the transitional period. Most older people will definitely not feel comfortable with it in the beginning.

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