Coinbase to Add New Coins – IOTA, rimpeleffek, Bitcoin Kontant, geldeenheid, DASH?

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With the prospects of a coin potentially being added to Coinbase, this adds a new dynamic to the equation. Some of the coins considered in that are XRP, geldeenheid, dash, Bitcoin Cash and even IOTA. Which ones do you think will get added and what could that do to the price.

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Coinbase to Add New Coins – IOTA, rimpeleffek, Bitcoin Kontant, geldeenheid, DASH?

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  1. Jeff you are very relatable. This is why you are my go to guy for information…. thanks for all you do

  2. Cardona would be the best one, with the best team behind it in the most room to growIMOthis would absolutely explode on coinbase

  3. You guys have to try and forget about the coins you are invested in , put emotion aside and think for a second
    What would THEIR motives be ? If you owned this exchange that has been doing massively well, with ONLY 3 coins.. what would you do to improve it ? And what would your reasons be apart from profit ?
    Coinbase doesnt JUST look for quick money, if it did we would see already 50 currencies listed there.
    They have an image to protect. An image of exclusivity, safety and simplicity. I use other exchanges but if coinbase had all the coins i was looking for, it would be the only one.

    I’m not going to give you answers but ill throw out a couple ideas to think about

    iota doesnt have a wallet yet. if coinbase adds this currency where will you take your iota ? Forget about what that would do for the price of IOTA, what would it do for COINBASE ?

    Bitcoin cash would cause discord on the exchanges and probably wouldnt be very popular among the every day people.
    You know that dude in your office that types with 1 finger 1 key at a time.. that you had to explain bitcoin to ? Try explaining bitcoin cash. It would be a massive failure IMO

    Dash.. dash is interesting because whether you want to believe it or not, it actually threatens ALL other currencies. Their cult-like social network , ease of use , already enormous marketing would use coinbase as a launching pad to a future in crypto that i believe, we wouldnt want to be in.

    monero. Coinbase already had their run in with the IRS. They offered some resistance but eventually had to give in. Adding monero could be seen as middle finger to the GOVT and ask yourself if they are willing to bark that loud just to attract a crowd that could very well be cautious of even putting their coins on the exchange.


    …. keep going..
    I think you will run into some good candidates ! 😉

  4. Silver Kook absolutely. I have stayed out of it because Poloniex for some reason won’t take ETH deposits (address won’t generate), Bittrex seems to be slammed with issues, and Bleutrade is a ghost town. I would jump on VTC if it were on Coinbase.

  5. Someone is creating vertbase. Its coming real soon, so you’ll be able to buy vertcoin with usd. LTC and VTC will be game changers

  6. Despite not loving BCH, I truly believe it will be added. During the first fork, Coinbase refused to support BCH, but after people complained, Coinbase stated they would be offering BCH to its customers in January. They already worked on adding BCH, so I believe it will be added

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  8. Cam Bryan no worries, id also like to mention its the ONLY project thats created by scientists and engineers and is peer reviewed through and through! No other crypto can claim that. These people are building this thing right and when its done it will be amazing!

  9. the strongest candidate beside BTC is already clear, plus it will not compete with the current since it is looking to the other way, think !

  10. IOTA is based on Tangle, a much more obscure technology and more difficult to integrate with block chain tech without bridges. I like IOTA but I doubt it will ever be added to coinbase.

  11. mit p coinbase only considers coins that are 100% gedesentraliseerde. Ripple is completely centralized and iota still needs to fix it’s master coordinator before it can be considered

  12. coddudeful It never exploded i mean unless you consider going up 200% but still being under 5 bucks. I just wanna buy something and make a profit i got my credit card loaded with 2000 dollars i missed litecoin going up like crazy and predicted it i just was late.

  13. i sold my iota and made some profit when i saw it went down; will buy again soon since it dropped to an even better price from when i first got it. i use binance and coinbase to trade but i’ve got to say that so far iota hasn’t be so grand. am investing heavilly in tron instead; i suggest you all research about it and you’ll see why. i got a 300% gain in a week.

  14. it’s at 3 cents now, but it’s still a really good buy. the coin will become a force to be reckoned with; has some really big shots and very intelligent people backing it up. what do you mean by unable to withdraw? what platform do you use?

  15. Because it’s not blockchain. It’s a blockless decentralized ledger aiming for machine to machine transactions. There are no miners the device making the transaction verifies the transaction instead of miners. Resulting in literally free transactions that are actually made in real time. It’s a very promising technology that might be ideal with how all of our electronics are becomingsmart.

  16. Altcoin Buzz
    How you made that on referral link is altcon buzz instead your real name on coinbase? where you changed it?

  17. And how did you come up with that figure? That would be more than double ETH’s current market cap and well above BTC ….

  18. IOTA developed the Tangle. None Blockchain based platform. The more users join the Tangle the more it scales. It offers unlimited scalability.

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